Sodales Excited to Announce New Website with Refreshed Look

Media Release

September 27, 2022

Sodales Web Launch Feature

Sodales Solutions is thrilled to announce the launch of their new website, as part of a long-awaited brand refresh that has been in the works over the last year. Sodales’ updated website and visual identity reflects the company’s commitment to growth and innovation and has been designed to offer a user-friendly experience with improved navigation and functionality, while offering an inside look at the only fully integrated health, safety, and employee relations solution.

Earlier this year, Sodales re-certified their industry certifications to reposition their solution to offer a singular, streamlined platform called Sodales for Enterprise Health, Safety and Employee Relations. “This newly refreshed website was the final step in our brand refresh and repositioning, proving to be a true representation of the demonstrated value, trust and impact our solution has made on our customers,” said Sana Salam, Chief Executive Officer, Sodales Solutions. “We are proud of our new website and visual identity that better reflects our market-leading position as we work to broaden our global footprint in a world driven by technology.”

Aligning with Sodales’ strategic vision, the new bold and modern website offers an inside look at the industry specific content and workflows that makes Sodales’ application unique. With the re-certification of the entire Sodales platform, Sodales is a strategic part of the SAP industry cloud and wanted to give their customers a convenient place to access and understand our industry specific components and experience.

One of Sodales’ main goals in this website redesign was to make it easier for users to learn and access valuable information with their key resources, customer success stories and industry knowledge no matter what device they are using. “We hope to be positioned as a leading source for insights and thought leadership as our expert team works to share their breadth of knowledge in health, safety and employee relations with the greater public,” exclaimed Sana Salam, Chief Executive Officer, Sodales Solutions.

To learn more about Sodales and how we ca help transform your work culture into a proactive and transparent environment through health, safety, and employee relations, connect with us today by booking a demo here.

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