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Traditional utilities processes are time-consuming and costly

The utilities sector is highly regulated and has a large union presence, each with its own set of rules and Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBAs). Historically, the industry has relied on manual, paper-based processes for reporting structures, seniority, grievances, corrective actions, and disciplines. Inefficiencies and lack of standardization increase the risk of costly errors, legal issues, and business disruption.

Proactively reduce risk exposure with Sodales

One Central Platform

Eliminate manual processes with pre-built industry process flows for incidents, grievances, disciplines, inspections, and audits. Automated workflows and robust data and analytics make it easy to move your business from reactive to proactive.

CBA & Seniority Management

Get complete employee life-cycle support on Sodales. Platform features include bidding rules, seniority calculations, offer letters, Collective Bargaining Agreement management, and everything in between.

Full Suite Integration

Create a safer workplace environment with seamless integration between HR and grievance processes. Quickly and easily file complaints on and off the job site with Sodales’ mobile functionality.

Role-Based Design

Control user access across your organization with role-based design. Extend secure access to third-party users (e.g. regulatory bodies and legal departments) to keep all information and reporting in one transparent system.

Get the features you need to meet strict industry regulations


See workflows and processes purpose-built for utilities