Build a safer, more transparent business

Bridge the gap between downstream business processes to improve safety and employee experience in highly regulated industries.


Move from reactive to proactive together

Gaps in communication and documentation can quickly lead to employee claims, labor disputes, regulatory penalties or reputational damage in the media. Powered by AI, Sodales brings your key internal and external stakeholders into one system and gives you all the industry-specific tools and information you need, when you need it.

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Value and efficiency for all


Improve employee compliance and governance

Get complete life-cycle support for human capital management, grievance management, Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBA), time claims, arbitration steps, and more. Our AI-powered platform accelerates decision-making, improves bargaining power in unionized environments and ensures effortless compliance with government regulations, HR policies and collective bargaining agreements.

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Digitize and centralize business processes

Save time, money, and resources by integrating multiple internal processes into a single intelligent platform. Sodales enables seamless collaboration between internal and external stakeholders to maximize operational efficiency and transparency across your entire organization.

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Upgrade workplace safety and risk management

Sodales gives you a single entry point for the end-to-end life cycle of health, safety, environment management, and more. Easily integrate new safety regulations across business decisions, strategy, and performance with pre-built, industry-specific content based on best practices and local and global safety requirements.

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Get all of the benefits, without the administration issues

Empower your team with reliable support

Streamline your processes while receiving exceptional customer support. With a user friendly interface and dedicated support team, Sodales allows you to focus on what truly matters – your people.

Localize and translate globally

Choose from 50+ languages and customize workflows and documentation to meet country-specific regulations.

Integrate with the software you trust

The Sodales Platform is built on SAP Business Technology Platform and integrates with SAP, Workday, Oracle, UKG and other third-party platforms.

Streamline onboarding and training

Get your team up and running on Sodales in four weeks or less. Out-of-the-box capabilities and templates make onboarding quick and painless.

Secure data across your organization

Centralize and store data from multiple departments securely in the cloud using the SAP core system security.

Improve cross-department visibility

Seamlessly share data and knowledge between departments to manage tasks faster and with fewer miscommunications.

More communication. Fewer incidents. Better business.