Corporate social responsibility

As a female led organization and as individuals, we are deeply committed to making a positive impact through helping others.

Giving back and helping others

As a predominately female team hailing from diverse corners of the globe, Sodales brings a unique an empathetic perspective to our mission of giving back to others. We have a shared heart to support the world around us both near and far, and we have committed to using our company gain to help others profit. Together, we aim to build a more inclusive and compassionate world where every individual, irrespective of their circumstances, sex or race, can find the support necessary to thrive and overcome challenges.

Actions we’re taking

Funding small businesses

In third-world countries, even a small amount of income has the power to change the future of families and communities. Sodales has helped support the growth of over 200 small or independent businesses overseas.

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Investing in women

We believe in the transformative power of investing in women; we understand that true success is born from diversity. Through targeted investments in education, mentorship and professional development, we strive to create a community where women not only excel but lead with confidence.

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Supporting the most vulnerable

We give a portion of our sales to supporting orphanages, long-term care homes, and homeless shelters locally and around the world. Funds are given to various welfare organizations that provide educational, health, and social aid.


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