All the features you need for safety, efficiency, and transparency

Streamline communication and decision-making across Employee Relations, Operations, and Enterprise Health and Safety with AI-powered technology.

Employee & Labor Relations

Avoid union strikes, prevent complaints and grievances, and enhance overall organizational productivity with streamlined workflow processes that facilitate proactive implementation of fair actions and consistent policy interpretation throughout your organization. Sodales ensures compliance with government regulations and contractual requirements, including CBA’s, work rules and attendance policies, revolutionizing your processes with advanced software boasting mobile compatibility and offline app functionality, enabling your organization to adeptly navigate employee and labor dynamics from anywhere.

Grievances, Disciplines and Collective Bargaining Agreement Management

Streamline human capital and rights compliance workflows by automating grievance, discipline, and collective bargaining agreement (CBA) management. Ensure seamless adherence to government regulations and CBAs, including work rules and attendance policies, while demonstrating support for unionized workers with fair grievance resolutions processes. Proactively enhance labor relations strategies by linking CBAs to the grievance portal for consistent decision-making and comprehensive version history tracking.

  • Grievance management
  • Discipline management with progressive disciplines
  • Time claims management
  • Meeting management
  • Centralized location for all contracts including CBAs, HR policy books, and discipline rule books with keyword search
  • Multi-union CBAs and multi-union rules
  • Detect problematic policies with intelligent AI capabilities
  • CBA modification, evolution & simulation of rules impact
  • Letter templates and self service capabilities
  • Notifications and Electronic signatures

Job Bidding with Seniority Engine

Get complete life-cycle support, from bidding rules to offer letters and everything in between.

  • Eligibility check library
  • Job posting
  • Multi-bidding process
  • Mass-bidding process
  • Bid awards based on seniority with letter templates
  • Seniority calculation engine
  • Concurrent employment functionalities
  • Notifications and Electronic signatures

Employee Relations Complaint Management

Ensure efficient management of complaints by promptly organizing and responding to them. Establish a centralized resource for accessing policies and procedures, streamlining the process for complainants. From the moment a complaint is submitted, oversee its progression through to resolution, including generating responses and uploading relevant documents, ensuring transparency while offering a clear flow into the discipline process.

  • Create & track complaints for harassment, discrimination, whistleblower, employee misconduct, conflict of interest, favoritism, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) claims, etc.
  • Letter and email templates
  • Embedded investigation tool and document storage
  • Admin history including employee status
  • Disciplinary actions management
  • Notifications and Electronic signatures

HR Case Management

With guided workflows and industry best practices, manage a wide range of cases with a robust end-to-end case management system that facilitates thorough lifecycle management, including multiple case and subcase types, streamlined investigation procedures, closure protocols, and corrective actions, all while upholding compliance standards. Create task assignments with designated timelines, assign them to relevant users, and configure automated solutions to recommend throughout the case creation process.

  • Multi-tier categorizing system
  • Automatic case routing to different user groups
  • Prioritization and SLA management
  • Intake form population and email templates
  • Data exporting
  • Automated timeline reminders
  • Survey templates with minimum score requirements
  • Automated surveys with satisfactory level notifications
  • Ad hoc field creation functionality
  • Notifications and Electronic signatures

Enterprise Health, Safety, and Environmental Management

Address evolving local and global safety regulations with confidence. Enhance workplace safety through comprehensive health and safety protocols and tailored workflows for your industry. With Sodales, you can transform your approach with our innovative software, equipped with mobile compatibility and offline app functionality, enabling you to effectively navigate health and safety from any location at any time.

OHS Medical Services

Prioritize employee well-being with secure employee login features, comprehensive OHS team management tools, secure access to medical tests and follow-up notes, SOAP reviews, proactive screening capabilities, and seamless integration across core business functionalities.

  • Employee features such as secure login and assessment tracking including tests, vitals, medications, etc.
  • Drug and alcohol testing and results
  • Medicine and inventory management
  • Meeting management
  • Fatigue management
  • Health and surveillance reporting
  • Proactive screening
  • Secure medical records and record management
  • Performance and succession
  • Notifications and Electronic signatures

Preventative Safety Measures

Easily configure forms and workflows to manage inspections, audits, checklists and more – all specific to your industry and region.

  • Hazard and risk assessments
  • Process based safety
  • Training assignment, monitoring and training record management
  • Site safety inspections, checklists and audits
  • Pre-job safety talks and job site audits
  • Environmental incidents reporting and assessments
  • Industrial hygiene risk assessment and results
  • Safety lockouts
  • Record permits
  • Quality checklists
  • Integration with LMS for safety training
  • Performance and succession
  • Notifications and Electronic signatures

Integrated Incident and Disability Management

Streamline incident management and disability claims reporting, investigation, and root-cause analysis with pre-built workflows based on incidents common to your industry.

  • Report incidents and injuries such as motor vehicle collisions, near miss, slip/trips/falls, personal injury, property/equipment damage, ergonomics and more
  • Restriction management including temporary and permanent restrictions
  • Employee assistance programs
  • Incident investigation with pre-built tools for SCAT analysis, ishikawa fish-bone diagram, 5 W’s, etc.
  • Occupational and non-occupational STD, LTD disability claims
  • Return-to-work, modified duties, accommodations and job assignments
  • Worker’s compensation form generation for OSHA, WSIB, WCB, CNESST, Safe Work etc.
  • Preventative safety measures
  • Notifications and Electronic signatures

FMLA Case Management

Streamline employee leave requests, capture a range of leave types & process calculations with seamless integration across core HR. Using a single point of entry, access various leave types, including continuous leaves, intermittent leaves, reduced scheduled leaves, military leave, pregnancy disability leave, witness duty, paid sick leave, and more.

  • Calculate FMLA eligibility based on laws by state/region including CFRA, WFMLA, PDL, etc.
  • Absence packages
  • Add accommodation plans and restrictions under case management
  • Approval workflows
  • Return-to-work plans
  • Role-based permissions
  • Regulatory compliance to support the implementation of Protected Health Information (PHI) data security
  • Medical leave reporting including FMLA leaves
  • Company leave reporting including STA and ADA leave, bereavement leave, military leave, etc.
  • Administrative capabilities including eligibility criteria, pre-defined timelines, fields and document management, etc.
  • Store employee data in one file including all leaves, disciplinary actions, claims, complaints, incidents, etc.
  • Automatic revisions and administrative capabilities for updated laws with minimal IT support
  • Notifications and Electronic signatures

Environmental Case Management

Ensure efficient management of environmental compliance for inspections and incidents, enabling thorough site assessments, detailed incident reporting and the implementation of corrective actions to adhere to environmental regulations and standards. Facilitate real-time data collection and analysis to enhance decision-making and enable proactive measures that prevent environmental harm. Ensure regulatory adherence while cultivating a proactive culture of environmental responsibility and safety.

  • Create inspections for property review, environmental site evaluations, erosion and sediment control inspections, sample collections and more.
  • Create checklists for fuel and oil management, waste management, wildlife management, air quality management and more.
  • Report incidents for environmental release (silty water, dust, etc.), chemical spills, wildlife (deceased, human/wildlife interaction., etc.), waste management (improper storage, dumping, etc.), unknown ground discoveries, and more.
  • Embedded investigation tool and document storage
  • Equipment inventory with monitoring and measurement records
  • Non-conformance record reporting
  • Notifications and Electronic signatures

Administration and Reporting

Enable seamless, real-time knowledge transfer between internal and external stakeholders and automatically generate reports to meet specific deadlines.

Administration and Reporting

With a comprehensive built-in dashboard for administration and reporting, enhance workplace compliance for your health, safety, employee and labor relations processes. By tracking key performance indicators and analyzing trends with advanced reporting tools, make strategic decisions that encourages a positive workplace culture. These insights and analytics enable efficient handling of employee matters and real-time monitoring of strategy effectiveness.

  • One Employee, One File – a convenient way to see all components of an employee file across the platform
  • Globalization and localization
  • Adjust outputs and business rules
  • Business process flows, fields, labels, dropdowns, questionnaires, etc.
  • Policy documents and letter templates
  • Multi-language support
  • Dashboards, reporting and analytics for all modules
  • Role-based permissions
  • Notifications and Electronic signatures

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