All the features you need for safety, efficiency, and transparency

Streamline communication and decision-making across Employee Relations, Operations, and Enterprise Health and Safety.

Employee Relations

Avoid union strikes and prevent grievances from reaching the legal stage.
Workflow-based processes make it easy to proactively implement fair
actions and consistent policy interpretation across your organization.

Job Bidding with Seniority Engine

Get complete life-cycle support, from bidding rules to offer letters and everything in between.

  • Eligibility Check Library
  • Job Posting
  • Multi-Bidding Process
  • Mass-Bidding Process
  • Bid Awards Based on Seniority with Letter Templates
  • Seniority Calculation Engine

Grievances, Disciplines, Case Management

Support human capital management processes with automated workflows for incidents, appeal management, complaints, and grievances.

  • Grievance Management
  • Case Management
  • Discipline Management
  • Progressive Disciplines
  • Claims Management
  • Meeting Management
  • Discipline Rule Books
  • Letter Templates

Collective Bargaining Agreement Management

Make consistent and informed decisions with complete version history of Collective Bargaining Agreements.

  • CBA and Policy Rules with Text Search
  • CBA Evolution & Simulation of Rules Impact

Enterprise Health, Safety, and Environmental Management

Respond to changing local and global safety regulatory requirements with confidence. Improve workplace safety with integrated health and safety policies and industry-specific workflows.

Behavior-Based Safety

Integrate safety processes across all core business functions and offer targeted learning programs based on site or machine incident history.

  • Safety Rewards Program
  • Discipline Programs
  • Integration with LMS for Safety Trainings
  • Drug & Alcohol Testing & Results
  • Medical Services
  • Fatigue Management
  • Performance & Succession
  • Medical Records Management

Preventative Safety Measures

Easily configure forms and workflows to manage inspections, audits, checklists, and more – all specific to your industry and region.

  • Hazard & Risk Assessments
  • Site Safety Inspections, Checklists & Audits
  • Pre-Job Safety Talks & Job Site Audits
  • Quality Checklists
  • Environmental Incidents Reporting & Assessments
  • Industrial Hygiene Risk Assessment & Results

Integrated Incident & Disability Claims Management

Streamline incident management and disability claims reporting, investigation, and root cause analysis with pre-built workflows based on incidents common to your industry.

  • Report Incidents/Injuries/Near Misses
  • Case Management
  • Employee Assistance Programs
  • COVID Traceability Processes/COVID Vaccinations
  • Investigative Root Cause Analysis & Corrective Actions
  • Ergonomics Incidents Reporting
  • Family Medical Leave of Absence
  • Occupational & Non-Occupational STD, LTD Disability Claims
  • Return to Work/Modified Duties & Accommodations
  • Worker’s Compensation Form Generation for OSHA, WSIB, WCB, CNESST, Safe Work etc.
  • Offline App

Administration & Reporting

Enable seamless, real-time knowledge transfer between internal and external stakeholders and automatically generate reports to meet specific deadlines.

  • Globalization & Localization
  • Adjust Outputs & Business Rules
  • Business Process Flows, Fields, Labels, Dropdowns, Questionnaires, etc.
  • Policy Documents & Letter Templates
  • Multi-Language support
  • Dashboards, Reporting & Analytics

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