Gartner’s BiModal IT set up and SAP Cloud Platform (SCP)

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February 1, 2017

Couple of years back, Gartner had introduced a new and innovative IT model, which works as a prescription for enterprise CIOs. A lay man definition of Bi-Modal IT model is “a combination of old and modern IT practices”

The Bi-Modal IT model is a practice of managing two distinct and yet coherent modes of IT delivery, where one mode is focused on stability and the other one on agility. The first mode is more of a traditional and sequential one having strong emphasis on safety and accuracy. The second mode is exploratory and non-linear emphasizing on speed and agility.

The primary objective behind Gartner formulating this model was to organize IT and meeting the rapidly increasing requirements from various business units within an enterprise. This entire definition can be seen in the following illustration


In the road to innovation, there are obstacles that software innovators come across like mitigating risk, managing costs and delivery timeline. And if we have SAP as an enterprise software as the nucleus, the obstacles increase by multiple folds. This is because of lengthy upgrade cycles and too many business processes that are woven around the entire landscape. This typically happens if the core system don’t provide the right user experience and over a period of time they become redundant or obsolete.

However, if the core systems are kept intact and the more agile & flexible systems are integrated with the core, then this changes the entire picture. Business units can leverage the core system functionality by accessing it through the agile systems – in this case SAP Cloud Platform. The output is a highly responsive system which is agnostic to devices and locations.

CIOs can now either develop their own system using the tools of SAP Cloud platform or they can use pre-packaged applications developed by SAP Partner companies. Sodales Solutions is an award winning SAP partner having strong capabilities in SAP Cloud Platform solution extensions, with extensive expertise in SCP DBAAS, WebIDE, S/4 HANA extensions, SuccessFactors extensions and SAP Smart Business Apps.


SAP Cloud Platform brings lot of flexibility into the overall landscape. Another critical element that SAP Cloud Platform provides is the user experience that CIOs get to deliver by using various tools or even in case of the pre-packaged applications. Not to forget about S/4 HANA, the mode 1 in this entire model, it is a next generation Business Suite that is safe and accurate, based on three key attributes

1. Increased speed, merge of analytical and transactional data and in-memory computing – all running on SAP Cloud Platform

2. Real Time & Simplified SAP HANA allows to simplify applications

3. Provides a holistic user experience by using SAP Fiori, making the applications device agnostic and giving a coherent experience


In an nutshell, the Bi-Modal IT set up might be a debatable topic for enterprise CIOs but software innovators like Sodales Solutions, have started leveraging this concept to help customers leverage the benefit of the core system like S/4 HANA as well as SAP SuccessFactors and also help them to build/use extensions to provide more flexibility and agility to the entire landscape.


To get a further insight into the Bi-Modal IT concept and the journey that Sodales has embarked upon in this space, write to us at sana.salam@sodalessolutions.comor call us at +1.647.824.4286



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