Your Guide to Frequently Asked Questions at Sodales

About Sodales

June 22, 2023

Where are you based? Are you global? How can I get started? These are all common questions we get asked here at Sodales, and we’re here to answer them. Welcome to the first part of a multi-part series for “Your Guide to Frequently Asked Questions at Sodales.” Whether you’re a C-Level executive, human resources manager, employee, or simply someone seeking knowledge about our solution, we want to be able to provide you clear and concise answers to common questions we receive.

Throughout this series, we will explore a range of frequently asked questions and provide you with insightful information to equip you and your business with the insights and information you need about Sodales.

What is Sodales’ relationship with SAP?

SAP Endorsed App LogoSodales is a premium-certified SAP Endorsed App that is available on the SAP Store. Built on SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP), Sodales was named the 2021 SAP Pinnacle Award winner in the SAP BTP category as well as the 2019 and 2018 SAP Pinnacle Award winner for the Independent Software Vendor Partner of the Year. Additionally, Sodales won the SAP® Global SAP® SuccessFactors® Award for Partner Excellence in 2022 for SAP Business Technology Platform Customer Success.

Where is Sodales available?

Sodales for Enterprise Health, Safety and Employee Relations is available globally. Our solution has been implemented at organizations around the world. As we are built on SAP BTP, Sodales can host in any of the SAP data centres around the world. Currently, we have customers who are hosting Sodales in Saudi Arabia, Canada, United States of America, Australia, and more.

What languages does Sodales support?

Sodales comes with a translation hub tool that is embedded inside the Sodales subscription licensing; this hub provides us with the technology to translate our platform to any available global language. Further, if there are any specialized languages within a region, this translation hub also allows us to override language settings in specific circumstances. We have successfully deployed this product in over 50 languages, including, English, French, Spanish, Arabic, German, Mandarin, Japanese and more.

Are there any prerequisites to deploy Sodales for Enterprise Health, Safety and Employee Relations?

There are no prerequisites to deploy Sodales. Sodales integrates seamlessly with SAP SuccessFactors or SAP S/4HANA® and can also be implemented independently or with any other core HR system.

As a customer, am I required to implement all modules when I get started?

Put simply, no. Sodales is built as a process flow-based product, which allows our modules to be deployed independently of each other, but also has the modular ability to be deployed in conjunction with each other. As a Sodales customer, you can start with one module, and add others at any time, or you can begin with a combination of modules – whatever best suits your organizations needs and requirements. Common module combinations are incident and disability modules, or case management and discipline modules; but again, we can add modules that would best suit the needs of your business.

How is Sodales priced?

Sodales is priced based on the employee count of the customer; it is not centred on user-based pricing. Our pricing includes two components: an annual subscription fee, and a one-time setup fee.

Sodales can also be deployed as a total workforce solution to be able to accommodate contingent workforces as needed; for instance, this pricing structure can be used for customers in the construction sector, who employ a fixed number of employees, but also seek third party contractors for work.

Is the Sodales platform extensible or customizable?

Sodales utilizes a customer-centric approach that allows you to configure the platform to meet your organization’s unique requirements. With robust administration capabilities, Sodales provides an agile platform to help you accelerate your digital transformation in HR processes for health, safety and employee relations. We do not require customization, rather, to offer our customers with similar functionalities and capabilities- our Solution Development Kit (SDK) allows for an easy extension of our product, for components like forms, drop-down menus, flows, reports, outputs, APIs, and more. With this, we can cater to company specific requirements of a customer, which will accommodate their location specific needs. Additionally, these changes are preserved during the upgrade processes.


With this series, we aim to provide you with valuable resources and expert advice on our solution. You will discover that at Sodales, we are passionate about helping highly regulated industries improve safety, communication, and employee experience with an all-in-one integrated software solution.

If you are interested in learning more about Sodales, and to learn more about how we take a proactive approach to health, safety, and employee relations, book a demo here and someone from our team will be delighted to show you how Sodales can help you seamlessly manage your business’ compliance and governance with one unified platform.

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