Why choose Continuous Performance Management? (SAP SuccessFactors Extension)


July 25, 2017



“I reached a dead-end” – a statement commonly heard from employees switching between jobs. Employee retention is a shared struggle between organizations. Statistics show that on average 30% of the human life is spent at work. On the other hand, a survey conducted by Gallup in 2015 revealed that only a third of the US population truly enjoys their jobs. The remainder 70% of employees find themselves working in roles that do not reflect their real strengths and expertise. These figures are alarmingly worrisome for the high-demanding and constantly fluctuating job market in today’s era. Traditional industry practices include annual performance reviews which were initiated to eliminate employee disengagement. However, this practice has done little to drive positive business outcomes. The Continuous Performance Management (CPM) application is a mobile friendly SuccessFactors extension available on the SAP Cloud Platform that aims to automate the performance review process. Forward thinking organizations are enabling Continuous Performance Management process, in order to enhance employee engagement, improve agility and align with organizational vision.

Although the traditional performance review tactic has been well-regarded for its ability to eliminate communication barriers between supervisors and employees, the management dreads these yearly performance reviews. The process is intricate, time consuming and daunting. Companies need to find a way to internally recognize the right talents, assign them the right tasks and potentially the right business roles. The Continuous Performance Management app allows the right tools and features to automate this procedure. Along with automatic generation of event based check-in meetings, the Continuous Performance Management (CPM) app also allows integration with Microsoft Outlook. The automation of these steps significantly improves the one-on-one feedback sessions carried out between managers and employees. The app also shows a standardized library of skills with drag and drop capability to enhance consistency and transparency across the organization.

The solution also provides integrated survey capability where managers can launch a set of surveys from a standardized catalogue.  The surveys allow managers to capture additional feedback from field employees using their mobile phone.

Not only do these features enable employees to pinpoint their areas of focus but they also gain visibility of their own achievements across historical timelines at their fingertips. The CPM application will be able to link suggested deliberate practices and deliberate goals with SuccessFactors (SFSF) backend while tracking the entire career path of each employee.

The automation technology reduces paperwork and allows the lengthy procedures to be done far more efficiently. As managers get more understanding of the employees internally, companies can also reduce recruiting and training costs in the long run.  Additionally, the right reporting strategies can help the line of business with other solutions in HR.

The SAP Cloud Platform (SCP) Continuous Performance Management app by Sodales Solutions differentiates itself from other tools available in the market with its user-friendly Fiori UX design. The CPM app enhances the user experience for both employees and managers helping businesses lead with reduced workplace risk and happy personnel.

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