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August 4, 2020




At Sodales we constantly thrive to improve our products to ensure better customer experience. Be it with product features, user experience or business content, we believe there is always room for growth. We have recently introduced new enhancements throughout our different products.  Read more to find out some of the new features we support as standard.

Speech to Text – Just talk.

Most of our customers take long notes, draft lengthy notices, or write statements that span many paragraphs within different forms of our solution. We realized the importance of having an alternative than just typing all this information.

Sodales has enabled Speech to text conversion within our forms. You will have the choice to speak to our system by clicking the microphone icon next to a description field to enter the information. This feature is also capable of automatically pausing once you have finished speaking.

Updated Digital E-signature – with truly digital snapshot registered.

Sodales already provides the ability to officially approve a form you submitted with your signature. We have recently modified the signature feature to add more credibility and provide a greater sense of approving/authorizing a form.

The latest type of digital E-signature automatically captures your name as you log in and displays up to 4 signature fonts for you to choose from. Upon selection, your E-signature is printed in the signature field along with initials and date. In addition, a digital snapshot is registered in a small icon right next to your signature.

This digital snapshot will have the exact time, date, IP address, browser and OS of the device signed from among other value adding information. This truly digital E-signature adds an additional layer of coverage and assurance especially in legal settings.

Return to Work – Multiple programs

Through Sodales you can manage and track your employees who are on a return to work plan. We have updated our return to work section to accommodate multiple plans for the same employee through the entire phase of his/her return.

Your employee who is returning might require lighter duties and a specific set of accommodations for the first 3 or 4 weeks but might be able to take up more responsibilities and work with a different set of accommodations for the following weeks. Sodales allows you to plan these by setting up multiple return to work programs for an employee with its own accommodations, responsibilities, and dates.

Visual Calendar in Case Summary

Be it tracking an injured employee or an employee on a return to work program, there are many dates and deadlines involved in different steps of each of these processes. Sodales has incorporated a visual calendar to its case summary to help you instantly understand the different important milestones such as appointment dates, restricted workdays, delays, lost time etc. at just a glance. Rather than browsing through different pages looking for specific dates you will have it all in one place to compare and comprehend.

On demand supervisors/manager assigning

In many work settings especially in the education sector injury reporting becomes difficult from the fact that an injured party’s supervisor or manager is hard to identify. This is partly because if an injured party is a student then they have multiple professors who act as the supervisor and these individuals change with semester or courses very often.

Considering different work environments and business sectors where supervisors/managers change too often or cannot be predefined, Sodales enables an on-demand dynamic workflow to tag an employee as a supervisor/manager on the go. Taking the example of the education sector, if a student is injured and a class teacher is assigned as the supervisor during injury reporting then Sodales grants supervisory access to that employee either temporarily or permanently. They will be able to perform the supervisory duties for just that student’s case and will be restricted from the extended access other standard supervisors/managers will have.

Dynamic inspections checklist

Inspections are unavoidable processes that keep everyone safe at your workplace and ensures your compliance with the law. However, depending on the complexity of your work environment or unforeseen circumstances you might be required to conduct certain specific inspections differently. Sodales enables you to go further with Dynamic inspection forms which allows you to create a different combination of sections within an inspection form on the go.

Your routine might require an inspection form for sections such as Laboratory, chemical and radioactive rooms. However, an incident might require you conduct a different type of inspection for only the radioactive rooms. In all situations you will have the ability to select the different sections you wish to load up as part of an inspection form.

External user approval processes

There are many scenarios where we must involve different external stakeholders in our decision making or approval cycles. However, these external users may not be direct employees and do not require direct access to the systems that are implemented.

To standardize the communication for such situations, Sodales has external user approval forms which can be send over an email directly from our system. The external user gets a link which redirects them to a Sodales webform where they can enter information or add their signature without the need to login or access any systems. The information they provide is updated in our system instantly and the external link is automatically set to expire after a given number of uses or time.


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