What is SAP Leonardo?

Artificial Intelligence

June 1, 2017

The journey from mind to machine, from things to outcomes. The IoT (Internet of Things) was re-branded this year as the SAP Leonardo. In year 2009, we had about 0.9 billion physical things installed and connected worldwide. Gartner Inc has now predicted that 26 billion units will be represented virtually by year 2020. The “things” in question are driving us towards an era of digital transformation but they would add little value if they did not deliver perceptible outcomes for businesses. SAP Leonardo allows companies to intelligently connect people to things. It helps obtain unparalleled value from generated data, use design thinking methodologies and benefit from use cases resulting in speedy solutions.

Digitization of enterprises allows companies to gear their decision-making towards a more proactive approach. The main goal that SAP Leonardo is trying to achieve is to help businesses leverage valuable data in order to gain thorough insights towards new business models and drive consumer experience. Leonardo is a radical digital innovation system comprising of several core accelerators that are all based on the SAP Cloud Platform. These applications include: IoT, Machine Learning, Big Data, Analytics and Blockchains.

Internet of Things

This is an IT system that enables the exchange and gathering of real-time information from physical objects with the help of sensors. This provides predictive analytics (e.g. equipment maintenance needs, demand and supply lifetime, time of arrival in case of connected fleet – in other words, vehicle tracking.) This is a huge asset to future enterprises as it would lower maintenance costs and increase productive efficiency resulting in consumer satisfaction.

Machine Learning

Predictive algorithms are utilized to draw conclusions to carry out day-to-day activities. This is a software that helps automate highly repetitive tasks by tracking patterns and using large volumes of data. It provides support in strategic decision making. Machine Learning is (literally) the next big “thing” in the world of Artificial Intelligence, doing what humans were not capable of doing in the past.

Big Data

What makes the SAP Cloud platform so attractive is its ability to manage and handle copious amounts of data that we call “big data” and enable its distributed storage and computing. SAP Leonardo allows real-time information to be connected across different LOBs providing end-to-end enterprise solutions.


Please refer to predictive analytics mentioned previously under “Machine Learning”. Machine learning can help you drive accurate insights quickly. In modern-analytics for digital enterprises 80% efficiency improvements can be made reducing the paper trail and the hours put in by individual workers to study different business queries. Some combination of analytics would include reporting, planning, budgeting, forecasting, scoring, data visualization and model management. This real-time analytical data overview helps businesses process, predict and plan some key new strategies seamlessly on the SAP Cloud platform.


These are designed to speed up transactions by reducing the middleman processing time and costs while guaranteeing a secure platform. Blockchain essentially has data entered as “blocks” in a chronological “chain” which is secured through cryptography. Every party involved has real-time access to information which eliminates risk of fraud.

SAP Leonardo offers these best practices and standard solutions to give enterprises a jump-start and to help them become one of the early adopters of this technology. This system will redefine how companies run their businesses by offering personalized innovation, extensions, and seamless scaling through the existing platform. Whether it is dispatching a service crew through notifications from sensors or the computer making predictive recommendations from extracted analytics – SAP has once again found a solution to allow companies to run simpler and run smarter.


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