The Evolving Landscape of the Transportation Industry


March 2, 2023

Transportation sector showing muliple means of transpot

The transportation industry is a fast-paced and ever-changing landscape. It’s no surprise that many organizations in this sector face unique challenges as they navigate the shifting tides of technology and customer demands. As such, it’s important for leaders within the industry to stay well-informed of the latest trends and challenges that are impacting their organizations. Let’s take a look at some of the most prominent ones.

Rising Customer Expectations

As digital tools become increasingly commonplace, customers’ expectations of service providers have shifted drastically. In today’s world, customers expect convenience and personalization when it comes to their interactions with businesses in the transportation sector. Companies must be prepared to offer on-demand services and tailored experiences if they want to compete in this space. This means leveraging data insights to understand individual customer needs and provide services that meet those needs in an efficient manner.

But how does Sodales help meet rising customer expectations?

With Sodales for Enterprise Health, Safety and Employee Relations you can protect the reputation of your brand by taking a proactive approach to these processes. Through our comprehensive reporting and dashboards, you are provided with a visual representation of your organizations key performance indicators when it comes to health, safety and labor relations.

For example, you can track historical and current trends for all time claims and disciplines to identify problematic policies and repeat offenders. Using this data, you are able to take a proactive approach to reduce the occurrence of claims and disciplines in the future that may negatively impact your brand with the public. Sodales also enables transportation organizations to create a safe transportation experience for their customers when it comes to things like driver negligence or misconduct such as freight theft, by integrating the time claims and disciplines process seamlessly.

Adapting to New Technologies

Digital transformation and technology are reshaping the way we do business and forcing organizations to adapt their strategies to remain competitive. If organizations in the transportation sector fail to transform their processes to match this new digital transformation and emerging technologies, it may result in less revenue and less opportunities as they lag behind the rest of the market. With this advancement in technology, customer expectations have started to increase and put additional pressure on the transportation industry adapt to new technologies.

One way in which companies can meet changing customer expectations is by embracing new technologies like cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML). For example, cloud computing can help transportation companies reduce operational costs as well as increase scalability and flexibility so that they can better respond to changing customer needs. AI and machine learning can also be used to improve operations by automating repetitive tasks like scheduling, route optimization, health and safety or managing labour processes.

So how does Sodales driving technological innovation in the transportation sector?

Sodales is the only full-suite platform for health, safety, and labor relations with industry best practices, that brings all of these workflows under one roof. This allows organizations to eliminate manual processes with pre-built industry process flows for incidents, grievances, disciplines, collective bargaining agreements and more. With Sodales, your transportation organization can be empowered with automated workflows and robust data and analytics for your health, safety, and labor relations processes. This information at your fingertips can make it easier to move your organization out of a reactive approach and into a proactive, digitally proficient organization.

A specific example of how Sodales enables the transportation industry through technology is by providing a digital solution to manage point-based discipline rules. With complex and multi-union environments, transportation organizations are often faced with multiple different Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBA) in which the discipline policies dictate the various types of infractions that can take place. With Sodales for Enterprise Health, Safety and Employee Relations, we provide a singular platform to manage your CBA’s and policies digitally in one convenient place.

Safety & Security Concerns

Of course, with all these changes come new safety concerns surrounding data security and customer safety. Companies must ensure that all their technological solutions are properly secured from potential threats from malicious actors looking to gain access or steal sensitive information – especially when dealing with autonomous vehicles or other connected technologies such as IoT devices or telematics systems. Furthermore, transportation organizations must also implement safeguards against physical threats such as theft and vandalism; otherwise, they risk losing valuable goods or assets and damaging the reputation of their brand. Transportation organizations must also consider public safety on top of the safety of their employees, falling directly in line with rising customer expectations.

Let’s look at how Sodales is helping put safety concerns at the forefront…

Transportation organizations face many different health and safety concerns with their employees such as changing weather conditions, fatigue and distractions, slips and falls, accidents and inspections. Sodales is an all-in-one integrated platform with industry best practices for incident and accident management, audit management, accommodation and disability management, workplace violence and more to help your transportation organization introduce an organizational culture of fair and respectful employee treatment with a safe work environment.


The transportation industry has seen immense growth over the past few decades, with technology playing a major role in its expansion. However, along with these advances come new challenges that companies must face if they want to remain competitive in this market – from adapting their services to meet changing customer expectations, leveraging new technologies like Sodales for operations efficiency, and fortifying their safety measures against potential threats from malicious actors or physical theft & vandalism. Leaders within this industry must stay informed of these trends if they wish for their organizations to remain successful over time.

At Sodales, we have worked with many trusted organizations in the transportation industry including Amtrak, United Launch Alliance, Norfolk Southern, NetJets, Delta Airlines and Kansas City Southern. Want to learn more about Sodales for an industry that is always on the move? Book your industry specific demo here to get started.

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