Streamlining Compliance: Why Industry Compliance Matters and How Sodales Can Help

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November 14, 2023

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In an era marked by rapidly changing labor laws, complex regulations, and evolving workforce dynamics, organizations across all industries are faced with the same challenge: how to maintain compliance requirements while simultaneously streamlining their labor processes.

Compliance is like an organization’s compass- it guides them through turbulent waters or through dangerous woods. It’s the foundation upon which trust is built, acts as protection against legal battles, and is the key to expansion. From manufacturing, to utilities, to healthcare, and everything in between, we’ll delve into the profound reasons why industry compliance matters more than ever before.

Keep reading to learn why industry compliance is not just a necessity, but a cornerstone of sustainable and ethical success, and how with Sodales, organizations can streamline their compliance requirements, making it easier than ever before to meet these rapidly changing and constant evolving requirements for their industry. With the right tools in place, organizations can confidently navigate complex compliance landscapes, reduce risks, and ultimately thrive.

Why it matters.

Let’s talk about the basics first. As we know, it refers to the adherence of a set of rules, regulations, and standards that govern specific sectors, but why does industry compliance matter? Legal obligations, reputation and trust, consumer protection, data security, environmental responsibility, and ethical responsibility, are a few of the many reasons why adherence to compliance regulations is crucial. For example, if we look at consumer protection for organizations in the healthcare, food, pharmaceuticals sector, adherence to the quality and safety standards set out by governing bodies is important to ensure consumer safety.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again, compliance is not just good practice for organizations, it is a legal requirement for all sectors, and failure to comply with industry regulations will lead to fines, lawsuits, or even criminal charges. Beyond legal obligations, compliance reflects an organization’s ethical responsibility to society, employees, and the environment. Compliance with international standards and regulations opens the door to new markets and allows for global expansion – forging global relationships. With Sodales’ administrative console for instance, organizations will have the capability to import country specific settings to generate any type of location specific regulatory outputs, making Sodales’ software a suitable option for organizations with a global footprint.

Everyday processes like risk mitigation, reputation management, and operational efficiency, are not just boxes that organizations have to check when complete, they are integral parts of organizational governance and provides the framework for responsible business practices, contributing to an organization’s long-term success.

How can Sodales help?

Organizations that prioritize compliance often have a competitive edge, and Sodales is making it easier for organizations to prioritize just this with our unique labor relations software. From adhering to collective bargaining agreements and HR Policy Rulebooks to ensuring government requirements as sought out by OSHA, WSIB, or WCB when reporting incidents, these are just a few of the many capabilities of Sodales’ software that help protect organizations from consequences as a result of non-compliance.

Beyond this, Sodales has created pre-built industry compliance packages for regulated industries, so whether your organization is in the public sector and requires specific compliance for human rights, or if a railway organization needs compliance for time claims and union disciplines – Sodales has you covered.

Creating a digital safety trail.

Keeping up-to-date with evolving safety regulations is a constant challenge, and Sodales helps to alleviate this burden with comprehensive record-keeping capabilities. With incident and accident compliance standing as a critical component of an organization’s responsibility, Sodales’ software emerges as a game-changer. The software not only simplifies the documentation processes, but it creates a comprehensive safety trail, where organizations can access historical data, track patterns, and generate reports for regulatory agencies. This also allows organizations to contribute to their benchmark reporting to allow them to compare their policies, practices, and occupational health and safety performance, with that of similar organizations. Compliance benchmarks in the industrial sector are important for ensuring that organizations meet the standards relevant to their industry. The Ken Institute for Executive Learning indicates that there are many steps involved in the health and safety benchmarking process, and since benchmarking can be applied to every aspect of health and safety, industrial organizations often look to risk assessments and incident and accident data as a pinpoint to be able to diversify their range of compliance considerations and contribute to sustainable and responsible industrial practices.

Sodales is designed to automate routine safety tasks, such as regular inspections, equipment checks, and training reminders. Click here to read more about how Sodales helps organizations in industrial sectors address and manage key safety objectives of implementing safety lockouts to prevent accidental start-up of equipment. By automating these processes, like safety lockouts, organizations can ensure that safety protocols are consistently followed, reducing the likelihood of incidents and maintaining compliance with regulatory requirements.

Automated case management: the power of paperless.

The days of rifling through papers are gone. Sodales’ software allows for automated workflows, which guide the progression of any HR case, from initial reporting to resolution, enhancing efficiency and reducing the time it takes to address and resolve workplace issues. For cases like harassment, any form of discrimination, ergonomic issues, or disability, the software ensures that important information is easily accessible.

The software is built for complex compliance matters that extend beyond just general human resources inquiries. With Sodales’ case management module, an organization can manage specific issues that require disciplinary actions; or cases involving harassment, overtime work, or discrimination. Ensuring compliance is essential for maintaining the integrity of the case management process to avoid any legal or ethical violations. When managing any matters, managers, supervisors, or HR leadership must adhere to all relevant laws and regulations that pertain to their industry. One great example is organizations that must comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), which prohibits discrimination against individuals with disabilities in various aspects of employment. With Sodales, organizations will be able to facilitate the management of accommodation requests by providing their employees with a centralized platform to submit requests. Sodales is equipped with seamless workflows that can then help streamline the review and approval process, ensuring that requests are handled promptly and consistently, supporting you in maintaining compliance with the ADA.

With the Sodales case management module, organizations that are required to adhere to specific rules and regulations that are governed by a regulatory body can do so, while remaining committed to upholding high ethical standards throughout the case management process. 

Bringing order to complexity.

At the heart of compliance in unionized organizations lies the protection and advocacy of workers’ rights. Compliance is integral to the success of collective bargaining efforts and relationships with an organization’s unions. When unionized organizations adhere to legal requirements and industry standards, they negotiate from a position of strength. This not only enhances the credibility of the organization during negotiations, but it fosters a collaborative atmosphere where both unions and management can work towards sustainable and mutually beneficial agreements.

But why are we highlighting this? Sodales acts as a powerful tool in this regulatory landscape, as the software serves as a centralized hub for managing collective bargaining agreements and policy rulebooks.

Instead of grappling with paper documents and different files, organizations can store, update, and access all relevant agreements in one digital platform. Sodales, equipped with compliance management tools, enables organizations to receive real-time updates, ensuring that you remain in adherence to the latest legal requirements in your CBA’s and policy rulebooks. While doing this, Sodales’ software facilitates streamlined communication by providing a centralized platform for all stakeholders, including union representatives, management, and employees. This inevitably expedites the negotiation process, and ensures that all parties are on the same page when it comes to understanding and implementing the provisions outlined in the CBA’s and rulebooks.

Get started with a demo.

As we venture into a new era of employee and labor relations, it is clear that Sodales is not just a tool, rather, a strategic asset that propels organizations toward a future of harmonious, compliant, and thriving workplaces. Staying informed, allocating resources wisely, and adapting to change are keys to success in the world of compliance.

Compliance with health and safety regulations, and employee and labor regulations, is essential for protecting employees, avoiding legal issues, maintaining a positive reputation, and fostering a workplace culture of accountability and fairness. It is a fundamental responsibility for all organizations, regardless of their industry, and with Sodales, we make it easy for any organization to maintain a compliant workplace.

To learn more about how Sodales can help your organization meet its compliance requirements, book your free demo here, and you’ll experience how Sodales will help make your organization’s health, safety and employee relations processes safer, efficient and more transparent.

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