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November 10, 2016

According to Melissa Boyce, JD Legal Editor, Union grievances typically stem from a perceived violation of the CBA and involve intricate procedural rules and guidelines to ensure that both the employer and the unionized employees are fairly represented in their positions.

More and more, prudent employers are negotiating the inclusion of time limits for grievance procedures in the CBA.

Time limits require employees to bring grievances within a certain period of time after an incident

These limitations can protect the employer against accruing potential damages while being unaware of claimed violations. However, the greater the passage of time between the incident and the grievance, the more difficult it can be to collect vital evidence to assess the validity of the claim – which could either prove advantageous or detrimental to the employer.

The Grievance Management App by Sodales Solutions is a convenient way for management, union and employees to streamline the grievance and disciplinary processes, which is categorically depicted in the below image

Sodales Solutions has developed the labor management app using industry best practices and design thinking principles

If one has to pen down the key elements of this app (which is an SAP SuccessFactor Extension app), they will be

1. Create Grievance

2. Grievance Resolution

3. Search Collective Agreement

4. Progressive Disciplinary Forms

5. Employee Records

6. Grievance Investigation

7. Collective Agreements Master

The above mentioned key components has been very meticulously presented in the Launchpad allowing users a very clear and easy access to information, when they do a further drill down on each of the components.

The access is persona based so each role will only be able to access relevant information, and it goes without saying that this is built using SAP Fiori UX

The app is extremely user friendly allowing users to capture all information real time and track them. The following illustration will give you a holistic view of the first 6 points as mentioned above


The collective agreements master is the last but not the least, a very important component of this application. It stores the collective agreements along with all the revision notes, understanding documents and other key obligations

When you click on each article on the right side on the listing view, it will give you a detailed description of the article and also highlights the key terms and gives you a complete synopsis of the clause with important dates and revision notes. This can be seen in the following set of illustrations mentioned below


Labor management is a critical aspect for organizational policies and procedures. Union representatives and management collectively agree upon specific rules for grievances. These grievances require investigations, meetings between all parties, arbitrations and resolutions

Sodales Solutions has bridged this gap through the labor management app which can be deployed as a natural extension to SAP SuccessFactors.

Sodales Solutions Inc is an award winning SAP HANA Cloud Platform Solution Extension Partner. We have developed more than 100 SAP HANA Cloud Platform based packaged apps. We were the first SAP partner to co-develop an S/4 HANA extension app at SAP co-innovation lab.

If you are looking to extend your SAP SuccessFactors on HANA Cloud Platform by incorporating grievance management, contact us for a demo of our Labor Management App. Write to us at or call us at +1.647.824.4286

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