Sodales Solutions At ASUG Ontario Summer Meet 2016

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July 9, 2016

ASUG Ontanrio Summer Meet 2016 was a melting pot of innovation around technology. There was immense excitement and customers were keen to see how the latest technologies were playing a pivotal role in helping business consumer to optimize their operations and make information available at their finger tips for easy and faster decision making.

Some of the key aspects of the meet was extensive focus on SAP Fiori apps where customers were inquisitive to know how an application like Fiori can be used to provide analytical dashboards and reports that will help the management of any business consumer in decision making.Applications on Cloud Platform was also a key focus with customers showing keen inclination towards packaged solutions on HCP. It was needless to say that apart from transactional and analytical applications, customers were also putting emphasis on a better experience, which they saw through some of the solutions demonstrated by participating organizations.

Sodales Solutions was one of the Associate Sponsors in the ASUG Ontario Summer Meet 2016. Sodales has always focused on three key areass – Fiori Apps, Analytical Solutions and S/4 Hana Extensions. Sodales showcased its IOT based smart analytic apps that are industry specific, for eg:

1. Fleet management application for Logistics & Supply Chain Industry

2. Employee Health & Safety Analytic app. for chemical, high tech, manufacturing and mining industry, where it is imperative for the organization to know about the health and safety of their employees

3. Retail Analytic App targeting manufacturing, transportation and logistic industry

These analytical applications are catering to the entire organization as a whole or a specific line of business. Sodales has the capability to deliver these packaged solutions with necessary customizations addressing your specific business challenges.

Still not sure how to go about it? Why dont you enroll for one of our Envision Workshop where we shall educate you about the Pros & Cons of Fiori and Smart ANalytic Apps and also give a quick walk through of what these apps can do for your daily operational activities?


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