Sodales EH&S for Healthcare Sector


January 21, 2021


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the risk of accident or illness is greater in the healthcare sector than in construction and manufacturing—two industries are typically considered risky. In the course of their jobs, employees of this sector are exposed continually to a complex array of health and safety risks. Hazards vary from biological exposure to organism-causing diseases to chemical exposures. Besides physical risks like radiation, contamination and noise, ergonomic problems like heavy lifting, improper use of computer devices and standing for long are also present in the process.


There are approximately 59 million healthcare workers worldwide. According to OSHA 2017 report, the healthcare sector reported more injuries and illnesses than any other sector – 582,800 cases. In the U.S alone, the hospital averages $0.78 in employee’s compensation losses on each $100 of payroll. Nationwide, that means $2 billion in total annual expenditures.


Sodales EH&S is a comprehensive solution to help employees recognize and resolve occupational risks before any harm happens to workers. The solution will help employers mitigate the personal, financial and social costs of accidents, illnesses and deaths.


To help organizations keep their employees healthy and safe, Sodales EH&S solution empowers them to manage and mitigate various risks.


  • Sodales EH&S enables healthcare institutions to record, review and investigate the incidents securely and quickly. A configurable workflow at all levels allows standardized incident reporting in real-time. The root cause analysis identifies the errors and implements corrective actions to improve the experience continually.


  • The solution tracks all sorts of occupational and non-occupational claims, such as worker’s compensation, short-term disability (STD) and long-term disability (LTD), while integrated with incident reporting. Also, it monitors the employees’ progress related to different types of injuries and accommodates return to work plans. The automated forms (WSIB/OSHA) improve the regulatory enforcement based on data gathered and tracked in the framework.


  • Sodales Ergonomic system allows to monitor and reduce ergonomic risk in order to keep the workplace better safe. It evaluates and reduces ergonomic risks pro-actively by measuring and adjusting the risk over time by performing various assessments. It integrates ergonomic observations & actions and enables the employees to request new equipment.


  • Sodales Site, Environmental, Audit Tracking solution will allow the healthcare organizations to report, analyze and address safety hazards at the workplace. The organizations can perform risk assessments based on the probability and severity of hazards using Sodales configurable solution. The system generates automated reports and emails notifications to managers when new hazards are identified or resolved at different locations. EHS managers can quickly generate reports to track hazards by source or department.


With Sodales EH&S solution, we make certain no part of the safety process remains unnoticed. Our entirely configurable and the related Cloud EHS functions – like incident reporting, hazard management, Ergonomics – are affordable, simpler and quicker to deploy and give the best user experience.


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The solution is built on the SAP Cloud Platform with pre-built integration with SAP SuccessFactors, as well as with third-party systems.


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