Site, Environmental Audit Tracking Module- Enhancing Operational Efficiency in Automotive Industries


November 13, 2019

Site, Environmental Audit Tracking Module

Site audits refer to a systematic survey of viability, effectiveness, and economy of activity carried out by internal or external auditors or an audit team for an industry. A Site Audit is conducted either daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly to ensure the organization is following rules, regulations, or guidelines such as corporate laws, policies, and procedures.

An audit takes place for many essential reasons. Aside from conforming to professional standards, non compliance with regulatory guidelines may result in hefty fines based on the risks and offences. Plant Managers are accountable for the operations in the plant, and they have to make sure they have control over the plant and its mechanisms and should detect any deficiencies. An audit also reviews the effectiveness of internal organizational controls.

The Audits help to maintain a line of communication between all the members of the organization, ensure visibility into rules and regulations, and if the organization is adhering to them. Companies auditing their operations need a tool that helps them to track their procedures, provide critical information for management review, take corrective actions, and ensure the information is not in jeopardy.

Sodales Solutions is an industry’s leading pioneer in providing SAP solutions to various Multi National Entreprises. The SAP PINNACLE 2019 awards received by Sodales speak about the quality, dedication, and commitment of the company. The R&D team at Sodales is consistently innovating automation techniques adhering to industry specific standards there by increasing the efficiency of an organization. Having its presence globally, Sodales established it’s way up to providing services to fortune 500 companies.

Sodales Solutions Site Environmental Audit Tracking Module enables Corporations to improve their Audit Processes, automate their procedures and techniques there by reducing the use of paper and manual filing. The software allows companies to store and track historical information in a centralized location.

Sodales’s Site Environmental Audit Tracking Module has helped the largest and most experienced suppliers in the world, with over 40 years of experience in the automotive industry. The company is also known as foam experts for it’s innovative products in the world of automotive seating.

The company faced difficulties during Site Audits since it was manual and time consuming data collection. It involved burdensome paperwork in being filed, recorded, and maintained. Sodales Solution’s breakthrough innovation has implemented automation of audits by reducing the tedious and labor-intensive traditional process. It resulted in a high quality audit, thereby delivering higher value to auditors. The module allows to assign and schedule audits for various plants. The high-end admin capabilities allows the company to edit scoring criteria and the elements being audited.

The Site Environmental Audit Tracking Module, which is an extension of Enterprise safety, health, and environment software(EHS) has provided the following benefits

Accessibility limited to the hierarchy. Simplification of audit processes.
Notifications and Attachements. Log Corrective Actions.
Audit Scheduling for multiple plants Admin Capabilities to edit Scoring criteria.
Mobiled Enabled with multiple languages. SAP Success Factors Cloud Extension.
Generation of Reports. Assign Responsibility to People Resonsible.


The Plant Manager can begin an audit by assigning responsibilities to all the person’s responsible, to audit elements. The Lead Auditor can create New Site Audit and start Auditing all the necessary elements required for the Audit. The accessibility of the module is limited to the hierarchy in the organization. The module integrates with SAP Success Factors to pull up information about the company. The conformance summary talks about the audit requirements and based on the conformance the audit risk score is updated.

The Site Audit Tracking module allows to create Corrective Actions for the Non Conformance Actions and assigns them to the person responsible. The Audit Analysis provides a detailed summary and audit score.

At Sodales we are committed to providing a new technological software experience enhancing the organization process. At Sodales, we are committed to offering solutions that lead to a better workforce and a safer workplace, and we measure our achievement by your achievement.

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