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March 27, 2018

The Schindler Group, Moving Over 1 Billion People Per Day, Reimagines Safety and Compliance With SAP Cloud Platform (entry number: 208198) stood out amongst 170 entries, as one of the most compelling examples of innovation.

Congratulations! Schindler Group innovation story has been selected as a finalist.


Here is a short summary of the story.

More than 2 million people die at work each year costing $2.2 trillion a year in the US alone. In many workplaces, safety is managed as a disconnected process.

While traditional safety solutions allow companies to manage safety through practical safety measures and audits; Schindler is taking a new approach by integrating safety into business decisions, strategy, and performance.  Schindler has introduced a comprehensive behavior-based safety(BBS) initiative that is targeted at all employees worldwide and builds on research & development, manufacturing, installation, servicing, and recycling. Sodales Employee Health and Safety solution has helped Schindler realize this goal. SAP Cloud Platform is the backbone of Schindler’s safety initiative aiming for a zero-incident workplace.

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