SAP UI5 – The Exquisite Springboard For A New World Of Finance

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March 9, 2014

SAP UI5 is the branded form of HTML5 and the underlying technology for SAP Fiori. It is the doorway to the new design strategy of SAP.

SAP Fiori takes the most commonly used SAP end-user transactions and runs them in an easy, intuitive and unified user experience. SAP Fiori uses SAP UI5 which is supported by all browsers and runs on any device such as laptops, smartphones and tablets of any kind. SAP Fiori consists of a launch pad that contains a set of many applications by user roles. SAP Fiori isn’t about building every possible use-case, rather it’s about refreshing the most heavily used SAP screens– the 25 Fiori Apps are estimated to cover 30%-35% of use cases and impact upon 80% of users within a typical large SAP site. This is great news for SAP users. They can save on training cost, enhance productivity by getting rid of unwanted & daunting systems screens and mobilize their processes quickly.

Here is the cool thing about SAP UI5. It is the springboard for a whole new world of solutions for enterprise mobility and big data apps. Companies can solve context specific problems using the same technology that was used for SAP Fiori and enjoy the brilliant benefits of running business at their fingertips. While the power of UI5 can greatly enhance process optimization and screen simplification; it is also one of the quickest ways to mobilize your processes. Furthermore, with the integration of Netweaver Gateway, it opens up the SAP systems to a whole new world of applications. Let me explain this using a simple example.

Consider your finance department. The finance department is the backbone of your company. The finance department is no different than an organization that serves its customers with highest quality. Their customers are other departments sales, operations, human resources as well as the board of directors, tax and audit teams. Their primary goal is on time & high quality close. During the close process they experience an overwhelming storm of adhoc requests from other departments and executives. The management team wants to review why the numbers are going up/down – so that they can respond to any uncertainties & errors as quickly as possible. Despite all efforts, the management team and other departments struggle to stay on top of things. This is because many of these users don’t know how to pull information from complicated systems. These users are not self-sufficient.

In order to monitor the close, they heavily depend on the core finance team resulting in an overwhelming burden of work for the finance & backoffice teams. If the line of business and executives teams were self sufficient, they wouldn’t be distracting the finance people from doing more value added activities such as data analysis.

Although many large organizations streamline their processes with integrated ERP systems such as SAP, the financial close is still a convoluted process due to poor user adoption, missing process checklists and lack of coordination amongst teams.

Sodales Solutions has solved this problem by optimizing the financial closing with an easy, user friendly experience that integrates with mobile as well as laptop devices and, connects all of your closing processes in one place. Using the power of Netweaver Gateway, you can connect data, processes and reports from any backend system BI, EPM, ERP among others and, with the user interface of UI5 you can expose these integrated applications to a whole new world of devices, laptops, phones and tablets. You can design the look and feel of how you wish to display this information in a visual, beautiful and do it yourself easy steps. As a result, finance teams save time that was previously spent in overhead meetings, adhoc departmental requests and paper work while gaining higher integrity of close process.

Please checkout SAP partnercenter news to learn more about this solution.

We see this as an opportunity for businesses to cut down their time to close and to gain higher investor confidence.

The Future Of Finance is Enterprise Mobility with Big Data.

This benchmark solution creates a springboard for exquisite enterprise mobility and big data applications that can be built quickly while leveraging the existing IT investments.

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