SAP Mobile Apps – Mobile Analytics Are Shaping The Business Dynamics


February 4, 2014

A recent survey performed by Gartner identifies “New technology as a major source of changing business dynamics.”

Let me explain a few examples of these “changing dynamics”.

1. Inability to enhance Social media and Web 2.0 presence

2. Inability to effectively manage Big Data

3. Inability to integrate smart devices as part of daily operations

4. Inability to integrate and offer Enterprise Mobility and Location aware technologies

5. Inability to track of financial performance of an organization at any time

6. Inability to have all KPIs ready on your finger tips

7. Inability to easily retrieve and load necessary data at all times

And many more ….

Technological improvements such as mobile apps for enterprises have come to a point where we can track and have 100% visibility at all times on our finger tips. I am just going to share some examples how enterprise mobility and big data solutions can be of immense use to us

Health and safety:

Giving all levels of management ability to track key KPIs (daily, monthly, yearly) and also have to ability to share key H&S documents, news etc. Anything could be printed as well from any mobile device


Ability to track inventory holdings, accuracy, turns and any other KPIs


Ability to track key KPIs e.g. fill rate, on time, cycle times, tracking orders, throughputs, tracking deliveries on trucks via GPS, order statuses, releasing or entering non EDI orders via phone, tracking and entering labor hours etc. All such critical information can be provided to your top customers on their mobile devices as well giving them full visibility creating a great reputation of in market space.


Tracking all financials from site to region to country level for various levels of management based on daily information (volumes), payroll, invoices, claims etc. Entering any invoices just by taking pictures and approving it over the phone. No need to scan or print anything.

SAP mobile apps cover a broad portfoio of BI tools that enable mobile analytics. Let us help you get started.

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