SAP Fiori based Fleet Management App to help you manage, monitor and track your fleet’s performance – real time.

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October 17, 2016

Companies who are into transportation or logistic are constantly looking for new and efficient ways of managing, monitoring and tracking their fleets, whilst moving goods between the factor and warehouse and to the retailer / customer.

Shipping / Logistic companies face a daunting task of not only maintaining their fleets but also addressing other operational challenges which is creating a major dent as far as the financials are concerned. Let us look at some of these challenges from altavista

1. Cost Reduction Initiatives

2. Driver Safety

3. Increasing driver productivity

4. Performance of fleet

5. Driver Performance

Sodales has been working closely with manufacturing companies and logistic companies and after months of ideating sessions with multiple iterations, Sodales came up with its Fleet Management analytical app. The objective of this solution is to help organizations address some of the key challenges as mentioned above. It’s an inevitable fact that logistics is a major cost to any organization and issues around transportation can have a tremendous impact (negative) across the organization.

Using SAP Fiori UX component, Sodales has defined a very interactive at the same time a simple cockpit that will give a holistic view of the key performing indicators. The same can be seen in the image below


As an outcome of implementation of this solution, managers and supervisors can

1. Track and prioritize deliveries, and manage delays

2. Enable better collaboration between transportation provider and customer

3. Provide theft prevention and weather forecasting capabilities

4. Optimize route planning

There are two very critical elements that encompasses a logistic domain.

1. Driver

2. Fleet

The fleet management app by Sodales gives you a complete drill down on the performance of the driver and the various fleets. The following set of two images will give you a comprehensive understanding of the point described here.


The solution also helps the companies to monitor the impact of adverse weather conditions on transportation and how to effectively plan the route in such circumstance, thereby optimizing the fleet performance.

Some other value addition that this solution brings to the table is

1. Device agnostic

2. Coherent experience

3. Configurable KPIs

4. Ready to run- connects with any backend

Sodales Solutions is actively participating in this journey of innovation by helping companies in Managing, Monitoring & Tracking their fleets to keep the logistic performance under constant check.

Sodales Solutions Inc is an award winning SAP HANA Cloud Platform Solution Extension Partner. We have developed more than 100 SAP HANA Cloud Platform based packaged apps. We were the first SAP partner to co-develop an S/4 HANA extension app at SAP co-innovation lab.

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