Pioneering EHS transformations in the Public Sector


September 17, 2021

Digital transformation is critical to a company’s current and future resilience, agility, and success. A centralized software platform is an essential basis for transforming the performance of functions such as EHS that manage complex data, procedures, and system integration. It delivers integrated data and workflows and reduces the cost of operating different solutions. Nowadays, every organization has a stated objective to strive for zero safety incidents. A centralized EHS management system with data intelligence is a critical driver to put this vision to life.


According to data from the bureau of labour statistics, the public sector reported 5.1 occurrences of accidents and illnesses per 100 full-time workers in 2015. Nursing and residential care institutions, as well as police and fire personnel, are among the jobs with the most significant rates of injury and illness. Increasingly, federal, provincial, and local governments seek integrated EHS software to provide services efficiently and economically. This puts the organization under pressure to discover operational efficiencies in order to meet regulatory requirements, increase efficiency with emerging technologies, and lessen their reliance on internal IT teams for day-to-day operations.


Sodales EHS is leading this transformation and helping organizations keep their employees safe & healthy and boost operating efficiency. Our solution enables a holistic view of organizational safety with integration across downstream processes. HR teams are now specifically accommodating dedicated EHS teams and prioritizing their tasks using Sodales. We are not only implementing the tool but also providing best practices, workflows, and business content to such new teams to enable them.


  • Reduce downtimes by effectively monitor leading safety indicators such as near-misses, observations, inspections, risk assessments through pre-configured forms and checklists.
  • Enable a proactive approach to fatigue breaches, streamline shift tracking for non-routine tasks/duty, Work Hours Audits, Shift investigations with real-time reporting.
  • Specialize in occupational and non-occupational claims and enable regulatory compliance to manage such claims ensuring a safe, timely and sustainable return to work.
  • Use automation to collect, track, and improve the reporting of EHS performance metrics to diverse internal and external stakeholders.
  • Track certification, safety training and licensing, automatic notifications for upcoming expiring items.
  • Proactively mitigate risks and ensure compliance by enabling audits and inspections to be completed on mobile devices.
  • Enhance accountability and transparency through the assignment of corrective actions, on-time completion rate tracking and seamlessly escalating problems to minimize instances of safety.
  • Improve user engagement and experience by integrating seamlessly with third-party systems, especially the two-way dataflow integration with workers’ compensation Third Party Administrators.
  • Access reports and customized dashboards to review and acquire meaningful insight efficiently and quickly.


Sodales EHS software for public sector organizations delivers a comprehensive and digitized safety management platform that integrates all safety procedures, leading to better performance, transparency, and safer pathways to conduct diverse operations in a standardized process.


Please contact us at for a personalized demonstration.  The solution is built on the SAP Business Technology Platform Standard Tool with pre-built integration with SAP SuccessFactors, as well as with third-party systems.

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