New Enhancements: Sodales Labor Relations Software


November 22, 2020

Generate unlimited number of correspondence templates without any programming skills.

One of the significant benefits of the Sodales Labor Relations software is to enable easy collaboration & communication between service centers, business partners, unions, and Labor Relations teams with full transparency. The Sodales Labor Relations software provides a centralized place for digitizing policies, collective bargaining, and legal procedures agreed upon by multiple bargaining units. Through these procedures, the legal teams spend an enormous amount of time creating letters with standard legal language, case updates, investigation results, and organizational data. The Sodales LRS letter module massively simplifies these processes by providing an admin console for setting-up letter templates for investigation notices, dismissal letters, leniency documents, appeal responses, submissions, award summary, reinstatement letters, etc.

Within our admin console, we provide the ability to quickly generate correspondence templates that can be easily routed to selected employees using roles and activity. With this approach, management can review and override, if necessary, before action with the employee.



The Sodales platform has been recently enhanced with a robust letter engine. With our new letter engine, the system admins can generate an unlimited number of correspondence templates without any programming skills.

This capability allows the end user to prepare unlimited letter templates in the solution using Administrative Console. The solution allows the user to

  • Create unlimited number of letter templates and automate correspondence templates
  • The solution shows list of dynamic fields that the user can pick and place them in their letter template
  • User prepares the letter’s static text
  • Insert Company Logo
  • Insert Signatures
  • Insert contract clauses and references
  • Solution automatically prepares the letter by combining all the necessary parts together i.e. logos, images, static text, dynamic text, formatting etc
  • Pre-set the email recipient of the letters by roles, activity, location, organizational unit
  • Generate the letters in PDF formats or setup workflow rule

The Labor Relations software aims to proactively implement fair actions and consistent policy interpretation for all labor relations processes with integrated CBAs and policy books. This solution streamlines and improves performance of all supervisors in dealing with infractions to intelligently determine the need for further training & discipline programs, as well as avoid union strikes and litigations by identifying problematic policies and procedures to address at future bargaining sessions. The Labor Relations software has helped Sodales customers digitize all legal correspondence templates for external and internal parties resulting in increased operational efficiency and transparency.


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