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August 17, 2017

The year end in the corporate world is a highly stressful time of the year. Business accounts are closed off, annual performance reviews are conducted, new goals are set and our gym-routine is revised as part of our new year’s resolution. While focusing on most of these operations at the end of the year is unavoidable, why do we wait 12 months before reflecting on our gym schedule again? Granted, the notion of a “fresh start” gives us an inconceivable amount of motivation, but as the year progresses, we forget all about our new year resolutions. Soon we find ourselves back at square one! In the same manner, companies with annual performance review systems find it challenging to keep their staff motivated throughout the year with feedback that is only provided once or twice a year.

A survey at Adobe, a software company, revealed that rather than waiting for an annual or bi-annual performance review, 80% of the employees preferred getting feedback right away. They perceived the performance appraisal system as “outdated and irrelevant”. In addition to that, 22 % of the study participants admitted that they have cried after a bad review. 20 % felt they should quit after one. These sentiments could be avoided with constant engagement between management and employees during the year – leaving less surprises for the office-staff at the year end.

The Continuous Performance Management (CPM app) is the latest and the greatest mobile friendly SuccessFactors (SFSF) extension available on the SAP Cloud Platform (SCP), that aims to solve all these problems. This application reduces employee disengagement, allowing self-reflective behavior in the staff all through the year by mandating more periodic review sessions through automated reminders. This approach to performance reviews maintains a proper structure that is advantageous to everyone in the company’s hierarchy. It allows ability to record feedback history, measure progress and goals, and streamline change management.

Businesses run on touchpoint meetings. Losing visibility into these sessions can be a huge nuisance. While most one-on-one feedback notes can get buried in folders at a manager’s desk or lost in Word documents – the Continuous Performance Management (CPM) app allows easy steps for documentation. These historic records can help when an employee is being moved to a different department under a different manager, allowing the transfer of documents to be done easily with just a few clicks. The Continuous Performance Management (CPM) application also has the capability to generate outputs. If a situation arises, where a case needs to be taken to court, the application can print PDF documents that are legally compliant.

Among other benefits, the application also enables managers to set goals and suggest the right set of skills to its employees. The application will use data from the SuccessFactors (SFSF) backend about the employee’s roles and present a library of pre-defined skills to the managers. Managers can then handpick the skills that they see fitting based on the employee’s current projects. Management can get a breakdown analysis that can help them measure progress, make suggestions for promotions or make training decisions. Executives can gain insight into high level reports that could help them excel in making business decisions.

To thrive in the fast-changing world today, people need to be willing to adopt to new technology fast. Sodales Solutions aims to make the end user’s transition as simple and as quick as possible. To make user adoptability more convenient, the Continuous Performance Management (CPM) app has also offered integration with Microsoft Outlook. The application also has a user-friendly UX that is supported by Fiori guidelines to enhance the experience of the end user. The long-term goal of the SAP Cloud Platform (SCP) Continuous Performance Management app is to generate positive business outcome that could be in line with other HR strategies as well. Building this awareness minimizes resistance from staff and makes them welcome change into their organization with open arms.

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Sodales Solutions is an award-winning SAP Cloud Platform (SCP) solution extension partner. Sodales provides configurable and ready-to-deploy cloud extensions for Unionized Workforce, Health & Safety, Labor Relations, Healthcare Scheduling, Effort Reporting, Grants Management, Performance Management and Academic Management. Sodales has referenceable customers across industries and geographies for SCP applications. Sodales has expertise in SCP DBAAS, SCP Mobile Services, WebIDE plug-ins, S/4 HANA extensions, SAP Smart Business Apps, SAP SuccessFactors Extensions, SAP Ariba Extensions, and is now expanding rapidly into the Artificial Intelligence (AI) space.

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