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November 2, 2016

Three years back, David Caddick – Business Unit Manager Industry Solutions at IBM had delivered a speech at the IQPC Customer Insight & Analytics Exchange in UK, where he had shared a critical information. It was about the barriers that companies are facing, because of lack of OR no use of analytics in their business operations. He had pointed out that senior management don’t get any valuable insight into their customer because they are playing the waiting game

If you compare the scenario today, organizations still face that daunting task of how to capture their customer insight proactively and take decisions to drive growth in the organization. The challenge is not just to get the insight into what the customer wants, its also about managing these customers and ensuring the organizations are always in their radar, to ensure that they don’t go to a competition.


CRM might help in managing the customer to a certain extent, but what management and sales executives need is a tool that gives a 360 degree preview of the customers. Customer 360 analytical app developed by Sodales Solutions allows sales teams of any organization to manage customers easily.

What does the app do?

1. Helps sales representatives to track down the customers and keep a check on the quota

2. It equips the sales representatives with market news that they can leverage on, while on customer meetings

3. With every customer, they can log the learnings which can be used as a reference during another customer meeting

4. Manage customer visits with accurate scheduling

5. Keep a check on the bonus provided

6. A real time tracking of all new leads / accounts generated by a said sales representative.

7. Manage customer contacts and document notes

The app also brings value to the table for companies who want to inculcate analytics into their customer management activity.

1. Fiori UX with mobile enabled smart analytics for each persona

2. Coherent and simple usage with tool agnostic BI framework

3. Single point of entry for all reporting tools

Companies, who are implementing the Customer 360 app, can implement industry standard customer relationship KPIs which are also configurable. With analytics, companies always think of having a hassle free navigation when they use a tool – well this app solves that problem as well, with a very easy to use and fluid UI that can be seamlessly navigated.

The mobile interface allows the on field sales representatives to capture real time data into the system and they are always well informed before they walk into the customer’s office. Technology point of view, this system runs on any backend system which is why it is “flexible”

If you are planning to implement an analytic app for customer relationship and are still in the process of evaluation, reach out to us by calling at +1.647.824.4286 or write to us at

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