Machine Learning and SAP , Take a look at SAP Clea

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April 19, 2017

The concept of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is undergoing tremendous transition. Right from the early 90s where we had Deep Blue – the super computer from IBM to modern day business applications that cater to various business functions across an enterprise. However, the journey so far has been like a sci-fi movie till date, but not anymore. Businesses are now leveraging this concept of new breed of enterprise applications to their advantage. According to SAP, the market is pretty nascent even at this level but has a tremendous potential and is expected to be worth $47 billion by 2020.

Today the scenario is such that Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning are used so interchangeably, that some CIOs find it confusing. To make the task simple for you, Artificial Intelligence is a broader concept of machines that work intelligently. However, machine learning and deep learning are subsets of Artificial Intelligence where machines can learn for themselves if they are given access to large volumes of data.

When we look at SAP, it penetrates more than 70% of world’s business transactions. Their objective is to incorporate machine learning into all of their business enterprise applications; targeting every LOB across industry verticals having SAP Installed Base. That’s why they have SAP Clea – an intelligence system that is embedded seamlessly into their cloud platform and applications. This will give a tremendous advantage to the business consumer. Organizations can get far more accurate insights into the functioning of various departments and line of business, thereby helping them to make more effective decisions and accurate forecasting. Needless to say, the automation of entire business operations becomes even more robust making the job of employees very easy and they can focus on more meaningful or high-value tasks in their daily routine.

So, let us have a look at the first wave of applications where Clea will be used

Using SAP Clea, the SAP Cash applications can fully automate the process of making and capturing payments using machine learning concept.

Being a recruiter, one of the most cumbersome process is to scan through a whole bunch of applications. SAP’s Resume Matching enables recruiters to identify the best and the right candidate for the defined job application.

For any organization, the marketing ROI is evaluated by identifying and recognizing the brand of the company, through their logos. This is achieved through a brand intelligence application of SAP.

Customer Service
Imagine if you can serve your customer even before they can think and you give them exactly what they want before they can even request you. That is what Clea will allow you to do. Gather, Analyze & Respond to customer proactively, through proper categorizations and routing methods.

Sales & Marketing
For a sales representative, the most critical elements is customer insight. If a business application can get this on a real time basis, it will allow the sales rep to better anticipate the deals that are going to close and have a more effective forecasting model with quality pipeline

Even though it is a very early stage for SAP Clea, the inroads have been made and organizations will soon start implementing the first wave across their line of businesses.

Sodales Solutions works with customers in extending their core systems like HCM or SuccessFactors or Ariba, through our extension apps. With Clean implemented on the core, using extension apps becomes even more effective to address those specific needs of the line of business.

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