Labor Relations- Streamline Grievances, Disciplines, Arbitration and Seniority Job Bidding with integrated CBA

Labor Relations Software

April 4, 2019


Labor management is a critical aspect of any organization. Many companies have labor policies to ensure fair and consistent relations between the employers and the employee. Employees can raise grievances in case any policies have been violated. The Labor Relations module by Sodales enables employees to create grievance using a standardized workflow. HR managers can track all the steps and record the outcomes of complaints. Supervisors can create disciplinary actions and maintain employee records.

  • Standardized Information Tracking– Positively impact organizational integrity with transparent history and information tracking
  • Integrated Policy/Rule Books – Fully integrated and real-time CBA/policy rulebooks with a searchable engine. Provides data, metrics & reports to enhance programs and enable regulatory compliance
  • Streamline Collaboration – Service center, Business Partners and Labor Relations teams can collaborate in real-time with full transparency



Business Challenges

All grievances require investigations and arbitrations meetings which are recorded on paper and cause a traceability headache. Without a grievance management system that is integrated with the incident management system, there is no trace between incidents and grievances. In most organizations, grievance related data is tracked at step 3 (at this step HR is involved). There is no visibility of electronic information at step2 and step 1. As a generic industry standard, about 80% of grievance volume exists at step1& 2, without any visibility into the information including the costs incurred at those steps. The issue is further compounded with a lack of knowledge as to how many incidents convert into grievances. It creates a huge blind spot for the management team. By the time, the management team is involved; it is too late in the game.

  • The absence of real-time tracking (incidents to the grievance): leaving gaps in insight and reporting
  • Lack of standardization: leading to ineffective reporting
  • Inadequate future performance/policy improvements: harder to make judgments about lessons learned to improve organizational policies.
  • Lack of reporting: no visibility into tracking of past precedence, managerial and overhead cost.

Business Benefits

Labor Relations module provides complete life-cycle support for human capital management processes for grievance management, progressive disciplines, time claims, union liberation activities, arbitration steps, maintenance of CBA/rulebooks, letter generation, meeting schedules, seniority rules and reporting.

  • Real-time tracking of incidents, grievance, disciplines, and appeals – Apply standardized information tracking for all case types starting from incidents, grievances (step1- closure)
  • Enables better advice and consistent policy interpretation: Labor Relations teams can easily track grievances, bargaining and arbitration workflows with online CBAs and policy books.
  • Improve Collaboration– Ability to collaborate across external and internal parties with meeting scheduling

Features and Functions

Labor Relations solution provides a strategic, comprehensive solution that includes:

  • Grievance, Disciplines, and Appeal Workflows: Using role-based design, this application helps employees to create incidents, grievances, appeals and complaints that go through the automated workflow. Managers and unions can follow through grievance steps and record the outcomes of complaints with attachments. Supervisors can create progressive disciplinary actions and maintain employee records.
  • Time and Expense Claims: Process time and expense claims using an excel based interface with the ability to use integrated CBA rules. Generate outcomes using a dynamic formatting engine.
  • Meeting and Schedule management: Ability to schedule investigations with their due dates and auto reminders
  • Policy Book/CBA Management: The solution provides the ability to upload and parse data from CBA/policy rulebooks into a searchable engine. Labor relations team can easily generate documents and investigation reports by auto-filling information from CBAs/Policy rule engine. Labor Relations team can also perform a text search across all CBAs for any clause.
  • Letter Generation: Easily generate output letters using different types of templates and rich-text editor module for investigation notices, dismissal letter, leniency documents, appeal responses, submissions, award summary, and reinstatement letters.
  • Reporting: Analytical reporting for outstanding dismissals and discipline issues, arbitrator stats/case topics, past claims, past precedence, and settlements etc. An active grievance by type, period, status, timeline, business unit. Cost of arbitration including backpay/award, cost of arbitrator, award cost and legal fees.


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