Labor Relations and Discipline Tracking For SAP SuccessFactors


October 1, 2019


Discipline management determines a certain set of accepted rules for employers, employees and demonstrates different procedures while managing an organization. Discipline management is characterized by a set of principles, differentiated among compliance and non-compliance standards. It is in accordance with prescribed rules, guidelines and different principles of conduct in accordance with the employee handbooks and standard operating procedures. The employees are dependant upon specific guidelines intended to form practices in the workplace.

Discipline in the workplace guarantees people act in an acceptable manner adhering to rules and regulations of the organization. A disciplined environment helps put the best behavior of both Managers and Employees. It creates a peaceful environment and improves workplace efficiency by providing a safe and sound environment favorable for the organization. A company’s best practice is to clearly define disciplinary actions and process ranging from verbal to written warnings and termination policies.

During the disciplinary process, management has face to face interactions with team members periodically and conversations might be lost. The processes are manual and can’t translate anywhere into a system that helps to trace by avoiding bias in the future.

In order to speed up the process and reduce the inaccuracies of paper plethora, Sodales Solutions Discipline Management Software, an extension of Labour Relations software( LRS) has been used to streamline the Investigation System Process by creating an investigation request, record damages, record the violation of policies and their degree of the infraction and track discipline history. The user-friendly electronic disciplinary tracking module allows to generate letter templates and save management time and ease view. Sodales adds value by providing the end-user capabilities to set up and edit rules w/o having to reach out to a team for support and by doing right from the module. The discipline management module which is a part of Labour relations module allows automating workflow escalation rules. The user-friendly UX can be integrated with any third-party tool if required.

The Discipline Management module, an extension of Human Capital Management (HCM) has provided Solutions to the largest American Class I railroad company who has its operations in midwestern and southern eastern U.S states by providing services to major government and businesses sectors. The Electronic Discipline Management module has helped them to migrate their paper and discipline data to the solution and improve disciplinary reporting by tracking of repeat offenders.

The Discipline management module, an extension of SAP Human Capital Management ( HCM) has provided the following benefits-

Investigation creation and administration Time Management Integration
Employee discipline history Notifications as per events
The disciplinary result according to US Discipline matrix Company Branded Letter generations


The innovative Discipline Management which is part of Labour Relations Software is built with SAP cloud platform standard tools provides the following features-

  1. Best practices workflow with detailed documentation of incident tracking, action items, request for investigation and the final ruling. Best practice workflow for progressive discipline and late management disciplines.
  2. Establish thresholds for policy guidelines and follow-up operations for disciplinary action by type and degree of infringement.
  3. Integrates time management systems such as Kronos, SAP Success Factors and SAP Human Capital Management (HCM) for timesheet infringements.
  4. Prompt notifications based on rules laid down in the company’s HR policy books.
  5. Generate company-branded letters and notifications.
  6. Create action items with supporting paperwork and deadlines based on events and investigation.

The Electronic Discipline Tracking Module with SAP Success Factors by Sodales will help you to eliminate biases and favoritism at the workplace by streamlining the investigation processes. The solution treats all employees fairly and equally. It increases efficiency in the workplace by reducing errors. At Sodales, we are committed to offering solutions which leads to a better workforce and a safer workplace, and we measure our achievement by your achievement

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