Improving Employee Experience For Public Sector Utilities Using SAP SuccessFactors


September 27, 2019

Labor Relations For SAP SuccessFactors (Grievances, Disciplines, Arbitration, Seniority, Job Bidding)

Workplace grievances will emerge eventually in an organization and are required to be dealt with properly since it remains to be a heavy and sensitive issue. Each grievance should be given equal importance and it’s necessary to look into the validity of the complaint Despite the situation, employers bear the duty of reacting immediately, properly, and reasonably. Inability to do so may hold significant consequences on productivity, profitability, culture and in certain instances – reputation. Proper and open communication between the unions and organization is required to solve a grievance raised by employees.

Employee Relations is a critical aspect of any organization. Companies that have unions need to ensure employees are appropriately treated and fair practices are put in place. Every organization goes through numerous grievances over the year. An employee can raise grievances towards an employer in case of violation of legalities. This may include anything from harassment, bullying, discrimination, workplace health and safety and issues concerning the management of employees. An avalanche of paperwork is involved in recording investigations and arbitrations that necessitates the workflow of the grievance process causing a traceability problem

To simplify the process, Sodales Solutions Labour Relation Software(LRS) has been used to streamline union-related communication starting from disciplines, job bidding, and CBA management resulting in better compliance, visibility, and employee experience.

In an interview at SAP Success Connect 2019, Max Henning (Talent Program Lead at Spire Energy) talks about the flexibility of SAP APP center in providing solutions and how Sodales was able to identify gaps and successfully plug-in those gaps.

Spire Energy is the fifth-largest publicly traded natural gas organization located in  St. Louis, Missouri providing service to residential, commercial and industrial customers. Spire has its utility operations in Alabama, Mississippi, and Missouri and has distributed operations in Wyoming and Texas which provides service to about 1.7m customers across the three states. Being one of the largest unionized public company managing 10+ unions, it was laborious for the HR and management team to keep their head above water.

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The Labor relations software(LRS) which is an extension of SAP SuccessFactors has provided the following benefits to Spire Energy.

  • Analyze employee qualifications and their discipline history using union specific rules based on seniority by location, department, agreement, etc.
  • Apply standardized information tracking for all case types starting from incidents, grievances (step1- closure)
  • Managers and unions can follow through grievance steps and record the outcomes of complaints with attachments
  • Fully integrated and real-time CBA/policy rulebooks with a searchable engine tailored to business needs and industry-specific

The Labor Relations solution provides complete life-cycle support for Human Capital Management  (HCM) processes for

Grievance management Progressive discipline
Time claims Union liberation activities
Arbitration policies Maintenance of CBA/ Policy Rule Books
Letter generation Meeting Schedule/Conference Management
Union Seniority rules Reporting


The employees can create a grievance using a standardized workflow. HR managers can track all the steps and record the outcomes of complaints. Supervisors can create disciplinary actions and maintain employee records.  The solution is powered by AI-based chatbots that help process the critical information and tasks related to Labor Relations.

Being a cloud solution LRS offers various business benefits-

  1. It enables massive operational efficiencies.
  2. Real-time tracking of incidents, grievance, discipline, and appeals- Apply standardized information tracking for all case types starting from incidents, grievances.
  3. Enables better advice and consistent policy integration-labor relation teams cam easily track grievances, bargaining, and arbitration workflow within online CBA’s and policy books
  4. Improve collaboration- ability to collaborate across external and internal parties with meeting scheduling.

At Sodales the LRS software would help you to minimize paperwork and increase your efficiency. Use of conversational AI and real-time data have reduced user experience challenges and increased business benefits. Our mission is to offer solution that leads to a better-prepared workforce and a safer workplace, and we measure our achievement by your achievement.

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