Importance of having an Employee Health & Safety Extension App and how Sodales has done it.

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February 25, 2017

Organizations today are faced with a daunting task of monitoring and tracking of health and safety of employee across industries. They must ensure good condition of organization health, meeting the regulations set by local city, province and state level authorities. However, it is not easy for organizations to capture the information and set up a mechanism to monitor and track these records. Let us look at some of the challenges that the organizations face from a business process point of view

1. Issue Reporting

Most of the organizations rely on paper based systems to report issues. The problem with paper based reporting is that there is a high possibility of losing the records or not capturing it properly. Data loss can also occur when there is a handover or transfer of records from one authority to the other.

2. Issue Assessment

Again, due to manual efforts being put during the assessment process, there is a possibility of human error occurrence.

3. No Real time tracking

Since everything is done manually, there is no mechanism to trace the incident report from creation to closure. There are no reminders or alerts to help the concerned authorities get relevant notifications.

4. No standardization of data

Every business unit captures the data in their own format and hence there is no clear visibility into the incidents at an organization level. This combined with no integration with any HR system causes lot of disparity in data computing.

5. Future improvements

Since there is no visibility into the incidents at an organization level, it is becoming very difficult for executives to make decision on future improvements.

6. No proper reporting mechanism

As the entire process is done manually done, there is no reporting that happens and hence organizations don’t get insight into incidents at operational, divisional and corporate level.

Sodales did an in depth research on these challenges and came out with a solution that will ease out the task of recording incidences, monitoring them and also help the executive team to standardize data across the board. The employee health and safety extension app built on SAP Cloud Platform that can work as an extension of your SuccessFactors install base.

Here are some of the key features of the solution

1. The health and safety extension app serves as a single point of entry for information on complete health, safety and disability of an employee, including creation of incidences, screening and investigation, and tracking of important KPIs .This takes care of one important element and that is channelization of data

2. Employees can create various types of incidences using industry standard forms that are compliant to OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) standards. All types of incidences like near miss, loss time, illness, fire, etc can be reported to OSHA using this extension app

3. One of the most important elements in employee health and safety is worker compensation. Organization can manage costs that are arising out of disabilities and worker compensation

4. The solution also allows you to categorize incidences at various levels like operational, environmental, illness, injury , etc. and for each incidents, users can attach incident reports, doctor notes and other critical forms

5. The solution provides configurable form-based inputs combined with approval workflow to initiate incident investigation and automated follow-on activities.

6. Provides health, safety, and disability management analytical reports with historical trending data


The employee health and safety extension app is specifically applicable for industries like manufacturing, energy, chemical and utilities, where employees work in hazardous conditions and there is a potential threat to the safety of each employee.


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