Importance of an integrated health and safety disability solution (Built on SAP Cloud Platform)


January 28, 2021


The key competitive challenges for many employers today are managing the direct and indirect costs of absence and the need to increase workers’ productivity. The necessity for effective disability management has become more crucial than ever. This has led to more recognition of Integrated Disability Management as a realistic choice for employers to boost disabilities programs, reimbursement for staff and absentee programs, increase tracking, policy compliance, and improve competitiveness.




According to Statistics Canada, 2019, full-time employees missed ten workdays for approximately 119 million lost workdays due to illness or disability. With the implementation of integrated health and safety disability solution, 88% of injured employees returned to work, saving $2 million through work accommodation and reduce non-occupational absence by 30,000 hours. An integrated, well-defined, and articulated disability solution can result in substantial benefits. This will reduce the number of disability claims, the period of employees’ absences, and employees get documented return to work plans.


  • An integrated disability solution can handle sick leave, short-term and long-term disabilities. The solution provides management support by identifying and communicating information to the insurer, managers, supervisors, and union and non-union staff, ensuring that all parties have a mutual understanding of procedures, processes, duties, and obligations.
  • The integration with incident management and other program, employers can better identify at-risk employees before the advent of a disability. It enables health improvement and promotes an early and safe return to work.
  • The absence from work has significant social and financial repercussions for the employers and employees as well. An integrated health and safety disability solution benefits employees by accommodating return to work plans, modified duties, or temporary activities that allow them to return to work until they have completely recovered.
  • A fully integrate disability solution will define the disabilities of each employee and collaborate with medical professionals to ensure that the health needs of workers are addressed through an interactive approach, develop effective return-to-work plan.
  • The simplified process relieves a lot of the pressure and uncertainty from employees that goes along with the process. Moreover, it gives them a better sense of autonomy and understanding of their operation being monitored.


An integrated disability management solution reduces the operational cost, increases compliance, and advances employee relations. By taking a holistic approach to disability management, organizations can move past the silo-driven process and focus on specific needs and how best to address those needs across the continuum of health and safety programs.

The solution is built on the SAP Cloud Platform with pre-built integration with SAP SuccessFactors, as well as with third-party systems.


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