How Sodales is Helping the Utilities Sector Manage Compliance


September 5, 2023

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The utilities sector refers to the industry responsible for providing essential services such as electricity, water, natural gas, and more. These services are critical for the functioning of modern society. Given the critical nature of the services provided by the utilities sector, compliance is essential to ensure the safety and well-being of employees, and to maintain the integrity of the utilities infrastructure. Utility companies are subject to a complex series of federal, provincial, and local regulations, that cover operations, environmental impact, and service quality. Organizations within the utilities sector must always stay informed with compliance updates and must be able to seamlessly integrate these new regulations within their organization’s processes.

In this blog, we will explore how Sodales for Enterprise Health, Safety and Employee Relations can help organizations in the utilities sector transition their traditional manual processes into one central and digital platform to adhere to regulations standards.


Health and safety in the utilities sector are critical aspects of operations due to the potential hazards associated with the generation, distribution, and maintenance of essential services like electricity, water, natural gas, and telecommunications. When considering the health and safety of workers in the utilities sector, there are some key considerations to highlight such as regulatory compliance, risk assessments, training and education, personal protective equipment (PPE), safety inspections and audits, and more. Utility companies are typically subject to strict regulations and safety standards enforced by government agencies. Compliance with these regulations is essential to ensuring the safety and well-being of employees.

Sodales’ software includes many modular specific features, such as conducting regular safety inspections and audits of facilities and equipment to identify potential issues before they lead to accidents or injuries, disciplining employees, complying with collective bargaining agreements, and submitting grievances. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), in 2020, the total incidence of slips, trips, and falls are the leading cause of workplace fatalities. OSHA offers many ways to help these organizations avoid these injuries, and Sodales provides the means for these organizations to implement safe workplace practices embedded within their HR processes. With Sodales, your organization can eliminate manual processes with pre-built industry process flows to move your business from reactive to proactive.

The Perfect Solution for a Highly Unionized Sector

As one of the highest unionized sectors, organizations in the utilities sector are no stranger to unions and their collective bargaining agreements that create manual and labor intensive processes for their internal teams. Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) management in the utilities sector requires a commitment to fair and transparent negotiations, clear communication, and a focus on the well-being of employees, while addressing the operational needs of the organization. Collaboration and flexibility are key to maintaining positive labor relations and ensuring the sustainability of essential services. With Sodales’ CBA management tool, organizations will have access to a complete employee life-cycle support system. This tool will allow organizations to manage bidding rules, offer letters, collective bargaining agreements, compliance regulations, and more. The CBA management tool ensures that employees understand their rights and responsibilities under the agreement, so when, for example, an employee files a grievance or discipline and refers to a clause in an existing CBA, the management tool will pull the clause directly from the contract manager to ensure it is a concise and valid reference.

Beyond this, the Sodales platform provides a means for employers to ensure that the CBA complies with all relevant labor laws and regulations. It maintains accurate records of all CBA negotiations, agreements, amendments, and communications. The CBA management tool encourages transparency, communication, and collaboration amongst all employees and unions as it provides a clear and concise means for employees to understand the terms of their CBA. It also establishes a mechanism for submitting and resolving disputes that may arise during the life of the CBA, and allows employers or union representatives to ensure that the CBA remains relevant and effective – an important characteristic with a rapidly changing industry like utilities.

Risks and Hazards in Utilities

According to Salvation Safety, 6 common workplace risks and hazards in the utility sector include: electrocution; falls; fire and explosions; sprains, strains, and fractures; confined spaces; and environmental stress. In order to reduce these risks, Salvation Safety recommends occupational health and safety training and compliance for these employees. Ensuring that employees are well-trained and remain knowledgeable about compliance requirements is essential. Compliance often involves thorough record-keeping and reporting to regulatory agencies; with Sodales’ modules built for the utilities sector, organizations can easily house all policies and procedures in one platform to enhance consistency and fairness across all departments. This in turn will increase transparency across all departments and unions within the organization to fully equip leaders with the ability to identify infractions and determine problematic policies and procedures to then create a proactive environment. For example, employers can establish clear grievance procedures to address workplace disputes and conflicts to then define the process for resolving grievances, including arbitration if necessary.


With Sodales, organizations can foster a strong health, safety and employee relations culture where safety is a core value. With our content built for the utilities sector, organizations can encourage open communication about safety concerns, near misses, grievances, incidents, and more, without fear of reprisal. A comprehensive health and safety program that includes industry-specific features for training, risk assessment, compliance, and more, is essential to minimize risks and hazards, and create a safer working environment for all employees.

At Sodales, everything we do is geared to helping organizations create a safer and more transparent work environment. To learn more about our industry-specific modules for the utilities sector, book a demo here and experience the only fully integrated approach to health, safety and employee relations.

Experience the only fully integrated approach to health, safety, and employee relations