How are organizations bringing new Health and Safety best-practices during the COVID-19 pandemic


March 23, 2020

While the world is still learning how to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, many organizations have started to put even more emphasis on employee health, safety and wellbeing. There is a huge focus now on integrating safety across all processes, especially because enterprise safety is a highly specialized skill and the safety professionals are often spread thin. The growing COVID-19 situation has put a lot more workload and responsibility on the shoulders of the organizational H&S professionals with constant communication updates to employees and vendors while working with internal and external departments.

Over the past week, we worked with a subset of our customers to launch enhanced functionalities within the Sodales EHSEM with the feedback and input from a subset of our customers. Special thanks to the risk management and H&S leadership of our customers in the education sector, transportation, manufacturing, and EC&O sectors who co-innovated with us to deliver these new product functions.
This is where Sodales Solution’s Employee Health, Safety, and Environment (EHSEM) portal is filling a critical need and assisting companies to stop the spread of the pandemic. Using the EHSEM portal, companies are sending urgent reminders and critical communications to all of their thousands of employees at home.




Sodales’s EHSEM solution is being critically used by companies to:

  1. Communication Updates: The Sodales EHSEM admin console enables customers to quickly design help guides, rules and letters with timelines and triggers. Health and Safety and HR teams are working more closely in issuing frequent health notices every few hours to all employees over text messages such as reminders to washing hands, maintaining social distance, working from home, keeping elderly safe, etc.
  2. Remote Investigations: Organization making available their company physicians online using the Sodales EHSEM tool. Using the workflow functionality of the EHSEM portal, employees can request to speak with a company physician if they feel COVID-19 like symptoms. The physicians are holding online face to face interview sessions with the employees and provide them with necessary urgent guidance. These investigations can be performed using video conferencing tools while enabling full recording of the case and its attachment in one centralized location.
  3. Employee Assistance Programs: We have enabled new case management workflows to provide employee assistance programs with remote video conferencing capabilities with full HIPAA compliance. Companies have also connected their psychologist to speak and meet with the employees in distress using online sessions scheduled via the EHSEM portal. Many companies offer their Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)
  4. Mental Wellbeing: The mass notification functionality of Sodales is being used for enabling organizational wellbeing. Companies have also been sharing some positive content with their employees such as healthy exercise tips to do at home such as breathing exercises, exercises to do at home as well as other positive communications. Also, they are communicating enable and support parents with resources for online learnings
  5. Family and Medical Leave: Employee’s requesting time off from work using the FMLA module of the EHSEM portal and getting real-time approvals from their management.


Sodales Employee Health, Safety and Environment (EHSEM) Portal is bringing innovative ideas to address and stop global COVID-19 spread. We truly believe that putting a strategy to ensure workplace safety is the key that will enable businesses and countries to come out stronger than ever before.


If you would like to adopt these best practices, which are already being implemented by our customers, for enhancing organizational wellness and contribute to the spread of the COVID-19 spread; please contact us at



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