Here is why agile project methods are well-suited for mobility implementations.

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January 13, 2014

Why Agile Methodology Makes Sense

Agile development methodology is based on iterative and incremental development, where solution design evolves through collaborative work amongst design and user teams.
Although this methodology is commonly seen within web-based design, it is becoming increasingly popular for enterprise software projects. Here are some of the key reasons why agile methodology is recommended for enterprise software.

Manage Risk

The way we work with software is changing now. Users want an easy experience but its hard to visualize what users have not used before. prototyping and feedback eliminates this risk by showing the working solution in action. This is specifically important for data analysis and customer interaction processes.

User Satisfaction

The agile methodology manifests a higher level of collaboration amongst the team members, design review sessions and brainstorming. The customers feels and acts as the “contributor” to the development process and feels more committed to the product design.

Collaborative Approach

The agile methodology uses a time boxed, design review at each major development thread. This enhances higher level of trust and transparency within teams.

Change Management

Agile methodology encourages design changes in a time boxed iterative approach for building. This enables everyone to manage change, respond to uncertainties and solve problems quickly.

Progress Measurement

Instead of using the subjective methods of measuring progress, working software is used as the progress measurement tool. This removes ambiguity and allows everyone to manage pace.

For enterprise software projects, agile methodology might sound like allot of work for going through the review and prototyping process. It, is however, a vital approach for projects that are delivered on an aggressive timeline, require cross functional coordination and cross system integration.

Agile style helps agility for building quick solutions while delivering higher level of customer satisfaction; and this is exactly why it is recommended for enterprise projects specifically for the aggressive ones.

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