Five things that define if you need to implement SAP Fiori

User Experience

April 20, 2015

Fiori is the new standard UI for all SAP applications (> 500 apps and growing)

Fiori is the quickest and the most cost effective approach to simplify and mobilize SAP processes .

Here are the five things that define if you need Fiori.

1. Eliminate SAP training cost: Easy to navigate, making work easier, faster

2. Improve user adoption: Use system without having to learn it

3. Mobilize Quickly: No need for middleware or additional hardware. Fiori works on mobile and desktop platforms. Furthermore, enablement of offline and device functions make it easy to use Fiori on mobile devices.

4. Improve IT Scorecards: Centralized dependable administration for all screens

5. Make Work Simple: .Remove waste. paperwork, daunting screens, downtime

Sodales Solutions can help you with your SAP Fiori Implementation. In addition, we have designed various UI5 based applications that can reduce your workload, cut down your change management cost and make your systems work smarter. So you can free up your time to REACH the goals you need to REACH.

Our team of experts, design thinking methodology, industry knowledge and experience to solve all of the challenges described above— create solutions that satisfy the change in business demands, the end-user expectation of an enhanced user experience, the necessity to leverage Big Data, and also have the ability to clearly layout what the risks and dependencies.

Curious to see a demonstration and get started with SAP Fiori Implementation? . I would be happy to schedule a complimentary envision workshop with you where I can demonstrate the frameworks and tools for building Fiori apps for your organization.

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