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June 20, 2017

Fiori is the new face of SAP and the winner of the 2015 Red Dot Design Award, one of the most prestigious design awards worldwide that honors innovation, concepts, and vision. Fiori is a guideline which indicates how enterprise applications should be in the future. This is a UX for S/4 HANA that has now evolved into a mobile strategy for companies. Earlier this year, on May 5th, SAP and Apple announced a partnership to create toolsets which will focus on helping developers build enterprise apps via Apple SDK on SAP Cloud Platform. This new feature allows tools like “Swift” to enable developers with a set of pre-built UI components and to supply easy access to iPhone features such as Touch ID, Notifications, etc. The name Fiori sounds like a new technology – it is not. ¬†Previously Fiori was a desktop based UX which was available for lightweight browser based applications on mobile and is now integrated with Fiori Client on the App Store. This is a service available on Cloud which enables enhanced mobile functionalities. SAP Cloud Platform comes with configurable mobile features such as bar-coding camera, offline functions, push notifications, better security options and ability to analyze app usage.

SAP Cloud Platform Apple SDK is to regulate acceleration in app development and improve performance. It was expected to convert the business user experience. Companies wanted to accomplish this by simultaneously combining the paramount features of SAP Cloud Platform and iOS applications. Apple users prefer to have native iOS device experience while using Fiori on Apple devices. This is why Apple SDK is provided to fulfill that functionality. Due to the alliance, distinct characters of Apple devices became accessible on business applications. The benefits of this include exceptional speed, technical capabilities of SAP business processes for Apple devices such as GPS, Bluetooth and simple access to specific functionalities. This is amazing because other devices necessitate admittance only from browser level.

Fiori for iOS is built on top of iOS Human Interface Guidelines (i.e. Apple guidelines used to procreate apps on iPhone and iPad).  The apps on the iOS Human Interface are known and accepted widely by consumers. However, these guidelines did not sit well with enterprise apps. For that reason, SAP built a user experience on iOS which is much simpler than Fiori. SAP Fiori iOS provides a variety of features such as pre-built templates to maintain the user experience throughout all applications increasing productivity and delivering quality data. It also reduces training costs and volume of errors. In addition to this, it offers UI elements, interaction, visual design, information hierarchy, as well as providing the SAP Fiori design implementation process for iOS platform.

Enterprise apps need to display complex data. However, developing on iOS requires multiple apps to satisfy different requirements. Since Apple’s guidelines are for universal apps, ensuring the same look and feel becomes complicated for structuring enterprise apps. Having a library of ready-to-use controls increases problem-solving; proving to be more efficient than iOS Cocoa Touch controls. ¬†Fiori for iOS enables your apps to have a similar look and feel, allowing your users to familiarize with the apps. This helps enterprises adopt the app much quicker.

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