Enhanced corporate safety in times of turmoil with Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) compliance for SAP SuccessFactors/SAP HR


March 23, 2020

Health and Safety professionals across the globe are working on emergency response procedures and communication as a result of recent disruptions. As we communicate to our customers, we learn that their Health and Safety leadership teams, as well as corporate risk management teams, have been overwhelmingly busy with the emergency policy changes, communication, and facilitation of safer work procedures. Many of these teams have also set up an “employee assistance helpline” for answering questions and processing critical procedures related to jobs and tasks.
The Sodales Health and Safety as well as Labor Relations software, already deployed in many large enterprises, streamline and facilitate organizational alignment with new safety regulations. The solutions are flexible so that organizations can quickly and easily adhere to global & local safety regulations with appropriate modernization across business processes.

We can help.
The newly launched EAP (Employee Assistance Programs) functionality within Sodales EHSEM software uses EAP specific case workflows to:

  • Enable counselling and assistance to employees on various issues
  • Ability to connect with counselors through referrals with detailed information regarding reported issue, recommendations, and referral data
  • Transparent tracking of return to work programs and modified duties
  • Supports HIPAA compliant video conferencing and scheduling capabilities for remote assistance
  • Supports the implementation of Protected Health Information (PHI) data security with field level encryption
  • Supports the implementation of Protected Health Information (PHI) data security with field-level encryption as well as the implementation of security for HIPAA
  • Robust and easy-to-use application with real-time case reporting and documentation tracking
  • Integration with core HR data & processes for accurate personal data (SAP HR/ SAP SuccessFactors)
  • Full integration with outlook
  • Admin Console: Adapt and design programs to meet specialized EAP requirements
  • Admin Console: Letter generation module
  • Admin Console: Build new checklists and score matrix




Safety is often looked at a disconnected process outside of HR. With these changing times, HR, operations, finance, customer service and safety are all working together to quickly respond to changing business operations. Now is the time for companies to replace outdated tools for tracking health and safety issues with a holistic policy to promote the well-being of its employees across global sites.

Digitization is critical for risk prevention and organizational wellbeing.

· Business Agility: Respond to changes to business operations and changing employee expectations

· Compliance: New market opportunities, and regulatory demands without incurring expensive lead times and expense for a secure work environment

· Enhance Collaboration: Provides communication and policy management capabilities for enhancing collaboration across employees, HR leadership, operations, customer service, employees and external auditors and regulatory bodies

· Risk prevention to instantly identify potential risks at all organizational levels ranging from incidents, environmental factors, locations and new policy implementation


For more information about the EAP compliance within Sodales EHSEM solution, contact me at sana.salam@sodalessolutions.com

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