Enablement Of Conversational AI for Sodales Software To Drive Operational Efficiency

Artificial Intelligence

July 24, 2019


Conversational AI systems are technologies that people can interact with simply by having a conversation or text.  Unlike menu commands, touchscreens, mouse clicks; using voice to have a conversation is one of the most natural ways to use a computer; it requires no learning curve. In summary, it is what allows us to talk to voice-enabled technologies and ask about specific questions such as weather condition, order status etc. Just like normal conversations, these are dynamic interactions that require both parties to understand, intelligently respond and then learn from what the other participant is saying.

Organizations are embracing Conversational AI Technologies to overcome user experience challenges and to drive business benefits. These interactions are highly personalized resulting in operational productivity by automating contextual tasks, providing context-specific information and more engaged audience.

Sodales Solutions is best known for providing Labor Relations Software and Enterprise Health & Safety solutions to SAP customers through SAP SuccessFactors extensibility. Our solutions enable regulatory compliance and visibility through packaged business content integrated with corporate policies and contractual agreements; for incidents, disciplines, grievances and collective bargaining rules. By leveraging the real-time integration with core HR systems, the data, and metrics generated from our software help companies to further enhance corporate performance and learning programs for consistent regulatory compliance.

With AI technologies becoming more mainstream, we have recently enabled conversational AI within our software, which is expected to dramatically improve the user experience and productivity of our customers.

Our recently launched chatbots deliver:

  • Creation of incidents and disciplines
  • Searching answers for FAQs related to infractions
  • Searching answers for FAQs related to disciplines/grievance
  • Automated processing of discipline action items based on voice input
  • Automated processing of investigation activities based on voice input
  • FAQs related to policy rule books
  • FAQs related to Collective Bargaining Processes
  • FAQs related to grievance management


These voice-enabled chatbots are expected to drive higher efficiency and better user experience, especially for the user groups working in the field using mobile devices.

Sodales has already been leveraging text-based AI capabilities within our Labor Relations software to conduct text-search analysis for the seniority rules engine. We will continue to bring value-added functionalities focusing specifically on artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities.

We are very excited to continue the innovation journey of Sodales cloud extensions leveraging SAP Cloud Platform and SAP HANA technologies, making our software more scalable, flexible and secure.

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