Employee Relations And Safety Software For SAP SuccessFactors and SAP S4/HANA


November 9, 2019

The general belief around a Case Management software is that it comprises of a fundamental incident reporting tool with an essential workflow. There is a number of other activities taking place in parallel to ensure compliance with industry best practices.

According to the 2019 Report on Work Fatality and Injury Rates, the AWCBC reported 326 injuries and 625 occupational disease-related fatalities, and over 251,625 lost-time injury claims were accepted by provincial and territorial WCB’s. (Sean Tucker, 2019).

Sodales caters to SuccessFactors by filling a gap in the standard HR module, and some of their processes. Sodales streamlines Employee Relations and Health and Safety processes. It is essential to be able to identify the different types of cases and trigger processes accordingly. Sodales launched an end to end health and safety software providing services such as site audit tracking, hazard reporting, claims management, return to work programs that are mobile-enabled and industry compliant with laws and regulations to leading EC&O, not for profit and manufacturing industries.

It is crucial for companies to have structured site audits to ensure the welfare, health, and safety of employees complying with legal duties and promote their wellbeing. The tool allows not only site audits but also identifies unsafe work conditions for the employee.

Business Benefits & Integrations-
Our customers benefitted from these routinely checks by the reduction in the overall accident reports due to hazardous working conditions. They prevented material loss due to property damages because of the proactive approach that the site audits allowed companies to implement. Also, the software provided the customer data and metrics to generate OSHA 300/301 forms to stay compliant with the legal requirements. Our health and safety reporting solutions also allow some key activities to take place in parallel, for example, accommodating a return to work plan, automating workers’ compensation based on their modified duties, and claims management. This software is also scalable, allowing customers the opportunity to grow in the future by updating the safety requirements and identify them by using the same platform to streamline processes.

Sodales solutions allowed triggering different methods from case reporting tools for ex: when an employee reports an incident, it could be related to injury, illness, stress, or risk, which hasn’t occurred yet. The sodales software allows dynamic selections in their forms, which can initiate a risk management and ergonomics request. OSHA compliant reports are generated in the required templates to submit to the govt bodies. The customer has benefitted from producing the back and forth between management and employees by allowing real-time communication of applications.

How the benefit helped a not for profit organisation-
One of Sodales’ customers belongs to a not-for-profit public health plan company that had manual processes using a lot of paperwork. The employees used sticky-notes to reach out to HR with ergonomic requests, which is a requirement Sodales was able to tackle with automation and configurable workflows.

How EC&O and Manufacturing Industries benefitted by using the software-
Multinational Corporations in the Manufacturing & EC&O industries have projects planned across different regions/countries. Due to linguistic barriers, they needed a platform that would allow a seamless transition to all the different countries and streamline their change management. Sodales offers language translation, and being on the cloud platform allowed us push out the system in a shorter period by allowing them to launch mobile applications for company employees as well as external contractors. The user adaptability was a lot faster.

Sodales Solutions is an award-winning SAP Cloud Platform solution extension partner giving prepared to send cloud extensions for directed business processes for SAP Success Factors, SAP S/4 Hana, and SAP Ariba. Sodales Cloud extensions fill necessary prerequisites for Regulated Industries such as Health&Safety, Labor Relations, Discipline Management, and Union Job Bidding, Sodales has referenceable clients in the public sector, utilities, healthcare, education, and EC&O enterprises.

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