Bringing an integrated approach to Enterprise Safety with Sodales EHS


December 23, 2020



Organizations need to follow a new approach to environmental, health and safety management. It includes replacing the siloed, disconnected strategy in which different plants or departments have little or no coordination. Instead, take an approach that is focused on departments exchanging data and collaborating with each other in a highly consistent and productive manner that saves time, resources and effort.

According to a recent study by LNS Research, companies that implement an advanced integrated EHS management structure gain 40 per cent more consideration, encouragement and priority from top management than other companies and have enhanced risk management, organizational and financial efficiency relative to their competition.

Sodales is taking a new approach by integrating safety across business decisions, strategy, and performance. Sodales EHS provides an end-to-end integrated environment for managing health and safety incidents. Additionally, this solution is high in demand, especially with customers in the transportation, utilities, EC&O, and manufacturing sector.  Sodales provides a comprehensive collection of EHS software functionalities that cover all facets of a top safety program and help organizations to achieve their specific objectives.


Here are some Sodales EHS integration scenarios:


In a siloed approach, businesses lose out on opportunities, knowledge sharing, new insights, and developing virtuous cross-functional teams and relationships within an organization. With Sodales EHS brings an integrated approach, the company can eliminate duplication of redundant activities, simplify EHS processes and improve data reliability and accuracy.


Sodales EHS automation process eliminates the need for a massive volume of data input. It usually integrates with the existing system and collects data with minimal human contact. Data will be fetched from the SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central in SAP Cloud Platform Integration (CPI) using the SuccessFactors adapter via the Compound Employee Application Programming Interface (API).


The initial employee onboarding the sorting of paperwork for new hires will quickly become overwhelming and disorganized. Sodales EHS automates all these procedures for new employees and the organization by providing a digital approach. The solution will save time during the orientation period through digitally uploading certificates/documents to electronically acknowledging organization rules and regulations.


It is not an easy-going job to keep track of all employee certifications and when they expire. EHS tools will also automate and improve qualification monitoring for training and site orientations through the Learning Management System. Besides, the supervisor/ Manager can assign new training to employees and track the progress.  The solution will keep the data organized in one central location.


Sodales EHS solution integrates core features like performance feedback, workforce management and performance appraisal for employees. This will enhance their interest in achieving corporate safety goals and objectives. The solution allows to complete performance reviews in a fraction of time and build review forms as per the needs. It offers organizations to identify particular skills and make significant succession decisions. The solution drives employees’ behaviours with rewards, recognition, award points, badges and rewards


If you want an all-in-one EHS solution, you can count on Sodales EHS. Our entirely configurable solution for environmental, health & safety, site inspection, site audit management capabilities and other compliance-related data built to adapt to business processes. Please contact us at for a personalized demonstration.


The solution is built on the SAP Cloud Platform with pre-built integration with SAP SuccessFactors, as well as with third-party systems.


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