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April 9, 2014

Don’t waste your brain cells on memorizing menu paths, transaction codes and daunting screens.
Save your energy for doing the work that matters.

Feel ” the UX effect” with SAP Fiori.



A friend of mine who happens to be a senior executive in a global engineering firm recently went through an aggressive ERP implementation and shared the experience of her new work style. Despite having an integrated ERP system, it was taking her way too long to get straightforward tasks done. Here is what she said.

“Every time there is a request from other departments, I have to spread out my training binders, carefully follow those fancy instructions while making sure I am getting in the right program codes, filling out the right fields and if I end up making a mistake I have to go all the way back to the first step again. It’s definitely slowing me down. Do you even know what it does to my self-esteem ?

Does this sound like a problem that you experienced in your project? And you might have blamed it on inadequate training or shortcomings of your ERP?

Now, here is a nice warm dose of reality for you!

It’s given that the change management impacts of such systems implementations are enormous and discounting such impacts can result in increased calls to the help desk or support center, lower user adoption, and in some cases, absolute opposition to the new systems.
Companies are spending a ton of money in managing change by continuously writing ,updating, printing , distributing and delivering training materials during and after the project.
But these efforts solve only part of the problem.

Let’s be honest.

You, me and all the others in our global community know that no matter how hard we try, it’s just “humanly impossible” for anyone to obtain a deep understanding of the new systems terminology, new concepts and the new procedures during the early years of ERP. We are not robots.

The result — we feel ill-prepared to handle the new systems. We end up with our most talented people pulling out their hair, missing family time, working way too hard and still having trouble getting things done on time.

And here is more…

As time goes on, these users find workarounds to construct their own shadow systems and bandage-tools in order to get their job done. We lose on user adoption!!!

To achieve meaningful results of your ERP projects- you need to implement SAP Fiori and other UI5 related applications.

Fiori is the new way of experiencing SAP. In order to strongly serve the end user community, SAP’s development and the UX design teams have put in UTTER CARE in getting this right.

SAP Fiori Implementation takes just days to implement and its free of licence cost.If you are an SAP user, I invite you to jump all over SAP Fiori. Here are some of the reasons why.

  • Get meaningful results faster: SAP Fiori and other UI5 related applications run on your existing platforms. Unlike those long complicated systems implementations that take years before you see any benefits, SAP Fiori is fast and flexible to deploy. You enjoy a disrupting experience without disrupting the systems. When coupled with your existing ERP implementations, you might save on your training and change management costs as well.
  • Break free of desk-chains: The new definition of real time integration is “instant information . According to Cisco future of workplace mobility research , 2 out of 3 employees would prefer a job with less pay but more flexibility in regards to mobility in 2015. Your people are your biggest asset. To attract the right talent and to retain the smartest people, you must give them smart tools. Don’t burden them with those heavy training binders, old age computers and overbearing paper work. Give them the tools they need to simply get the job done- better and faster. SAP Fiori and other UI5 based solutions give your SAP users a simple, intuitive and consistent experience across mobile as well as on laptop devices. Users are no longer tied to desk. With business anytime, anywhere and with information access at their fingertips, users get more done in less time.
  • The influence of consumer-like experience: An important factor in the successful adoption of any IT projects is the end-user’s user experience, which involves a person’s attitude, and emotion about using a particular product, system or service. As consumers, we are surrounded by all kinds of IT “gadgets” that offer an enhanced user experience, therefore now more than ever, employees expect the same at work, not to keep up with the consumer trends, but rather to make them more efficient, be able to catch problems earlier, on-the-go, cut down time zones and geographical delays, etc. SAP Fiori can take care of this need.

And Finally….

  • Work smarter not harder: Research shows that an average person at work is interrupted every 11 minutes and it takes 25 minutes to refocus their mind back on the project they were working on before they were distracted. Throughout the day, your back office staff gets interrupted with impromptu requests by executives and field workforce. This creates an overbearing outbreak of unintended work for the back office teams. They end up staying late in the office and missing out on family time.Fiori, makes it possible for EVERYONE to use the SAP systems, including your executives and field users. By making those users self sufficient— their dependency on the back office staff diminishes. With a friendly user interface, users can do things faster and free up their time to do the work that matters. Everyone works smarter- not harder.

Sodales Solutions can help you with your SAP Fiori Implementation. In addition, we have designed various UI5 based applications that can reduce your workload, cut down your change management cost and make your systems work smarter. So you can free up your time to REACH the goals you need to REACH.

Our team of experts, design thinking methodology, industry knowledge and experience to solve all of the challenges described above— create solutions that satisfy the change in business demands, the end-user expectation of an enhanced user experience, the necessity to leverage Big Data, and also have the ability to clearly layout what the risks and dependencies.

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