Why CPG organizations are adopting digital practices

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May 24, 2023

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The Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) sector is vast, and includes everything from food and beverage, to household care, and cosmetics. Recent years have been marked by real change, and disruption in the market; supply-chains are more complex, inflation has changed consumer habits, and more brands are adopting new sustainable practices, starting with digitization.

CPG organizations have been tested for centuries; today, instead of being produced in small scale, consumer goods are mass produced in factories, creating standardized products, and offer hundreds of thousands of people with employment opportunities throughout the world. With the evolution of the CPG sector, having a greater variety of products and different forms of packaging, brought an explosion of brands creating these products. At face value, these brands are all different, but let’s look behind the scenes. What makes brands like Coca Cola, Cargill, or Beam Suntory, different from the rest?

There’s no limit to sustainability

Productivity, sustainability, and health and safety are more connected than you might think; CPG organizations have been adopting more sustainable practices, but these practices aren’t limited to consumer packaging; CPG businesses like Cargill are looking beyond consumer facing sustainability and implementing sustainable processes to mitigate labor disruptions and supply chain challenges and increase productivity. But what are some of these supply chain challenges and labor disruptions that the CPG industry is currently combatting? Let’s take a closer look:

Supply Chain and Labor Disruptions Chart

To address these disruptions, organizations can, and are, implementing more automated processes to allow for more precise management throughout the entire production and disposition process, and in return see a reduction in costs and increase in revenue. According to a recent McKinsey study, 75% of CPG leaders are making digitalization and technology a priority.

Why should you prioritize digital transformation?

Organizations are looking for a solution that can streamline and enhance their standard processes to not only keep up with supply chain demand, but to prioritize sustainability, worker’s compensation costs, reputational damage, and more. The supply chain is made up of stages, from its development to its packaging, to sitting on the shelves in your local grocery store. Each stage of this process tends to be siloed, with information being stored separately across this entire process. These siloed processes have inevitably disrupted the supply chain, which is why CPG organizations are steering toward a more digital future.

When an organization’s practices are siloed, they are isolating their opportunities for collaboration between departments, therefore hindering productivity, and causing communication breakdowns. Instead of having information held in different departments, an effective solution is to implement a centralized and fully integrated system that can automate workflows, while meeting industry-specific regulatory requirements.

And here’s how you can do it.

With Sodales for Enterprise Health, Safety and Employee Relations, you can protect the reputation of your brand by taking a proactive approach to these processes. We’re here to help CPG organizations enhance their employee experience and create a safe work environment, easily and effectively.

If we look more recently, the nature of the COVID-19 pandemic created a surge in organizations enforcing new safety regulations, that must coincide with the demands of a highly unionized sector. Creating a safer workplace to effectively manage on-site incidents, and investigations from a single unified platform using Sodales is one of many ways investing in digital solutions can improve efficiency. We will help your organization proactively reduce the risk of labor shortages and increase your productivity and production. Sodales for CPG, will allow you to eliminate your manual process and replace them with a full suite integrated system that will create a safer workplace environment with seamless integration between HR, grievance processes, and even fleet management systems.

By leveraging technology to manage your processes, CPG organizations can confidently implement a software that has been configured to suit the needs of their business, with Sodales’ module’s purpose built for CPG:

At Sodales, everything we do is geared around you – your business, your challenges; we come with a large team of dedicated analysts, with a depth of CPG expertise that encompasses everything from health, safety, and employee and labor relations. We can create a safer workplace with seamless integration, that will help transform your processes, and give you a valuable competitive advantage.


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Experience the only fully integrated approach to health, safety and employee relations