When do you think you should be going for a Custom Fiori App?

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September 5, 2016

If you are a business consumer and have decided to go for SAP Fiori implementation, then this is one question which will always be hitting your boardroom discussion. Whether to go for a standard Fiori app or a custom Fiori app?

A custom Fiori app is an app that is created using the same technologies as the standard Fiori apps following the same design guidelines
You will require a custom Fiori app when

1. An out of the box Fiori app doesn’t meet your business requirements, which includes extensions and any other field creation

2. Your backend processes are highly custom

3. Your business process is designed in such a way that the users are required to interact with multiple channels and platforms and the data is flowing back and forth from multiple channels.

By using Design Thinking principles which are part of the SAP Fiori design guidelines, Sodales Solutions can help you create these custom Fiori apps. Sodales can develop custom Fiori apps for you through our unique and interactive approach that ensures defined deliverables:

1. Design thinking (discovery) workshop

2. Technical Landscape assessment, security, performance and device considerations for the app (here we will also define and acquire development platforms/tools and testing tools)

3. Visual design, interaction design and branding guidelines for the app

4. Custom Fiori App development using the SAP Fiori guidelines and Design Thinking tools

5. Iterative Testing and feedback

6. Security & User management

7. Final preparation and roll out

8. Knowledge Transfer for SAP Fiori development tools and best practices

9. Educate and mentor the customer team

10.1 month of complimentary post go live support

If you have a specific requirement and are interested to know how a custom Fiori can be developed for you, come visit as SAP Tech Ed between September 19 – 23, and talk to our experts.

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