What’s the cost of “NOT” enabling SAP Fiori in your SAP landscape? You are missing out on the user adoption.

User Experience

February 10, 2014

What’s the cost of not enabling SAP Fiori in your SAP landscape? You are missing out on the user adoption.

SAP Fiori is the new face of SAP. It is a set of persona based applications that enable your users to use SAP in a fresh, user friendly and easy way. Let us look at some of the driving factors for SAP Fiori demand.

SAP provides a real-time integrated system for running all of your enterprise processes… also known as the “one version of truth”. Unfortunately, many companies ignore the change management aspect of adopting a unified system of records and the resulting business process re-alignment. In fact, they often cut down the training and change management budget to keep their implementation cost low. Not surprisingly, these are the often same companies that don’t get the best ROI from their IT investments. It usually takes them 1-2 years to stabilize the simplest SAP implementation specially for their field uses, managers and senior executives.

Once upon a time, this challenge could only be overcome by writing lengthy training booklets that would define step by step process of how to execute simple tasks such as entering time sheets, expense reports and purchase order. Some companies have also managed this with a phased approach where they pilot SAP rollout for their local/office based staff (finance teams) and extend it to field users in later phases. Regardless, the users go through a rapid, exhausting and tough learning curve for using the system.

Those days are long gone. SAP Fiori is the new way of experiencing SAP. It is a quick, fresh makeover for your SAP systems enabling your uses to experience SAP on any device (laptop, tablet, phones etc.) in an easy, fresh and user friendly way. SAP Fiori Implementation is quick and inexpensive.

In the new world of business, these change management aspect of SAP projects is greatly diminished by enabling SAP Fiori in your landscape. In just a couple of weeks you see stunning results for your
SAP adoption.

…You no longer need to remember those technical tcodes. That’s right.

…You focus on improvements rather than memorizing all the technicalities of your systems.

…You make your executives and field users ” use” the system. They become self sufficient.

…You stop wasting dollars in lost productivity and longer cycle times.

…You have happy users.

Sodales Solutions can help you with SAP Fiori Implementation. We have developed a roadmap and many service packages that will enable your business users to experience SAP Fiori in your environment , customize it to your needs and extend to your production systems.

Curious to learn more about SAP Fiori Implementation? Contact us today at sana.salam@sodalessolutions.com and we will setup a strategy session with you to learn about your needs and plan the next steps.

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