What is Simple SAP?

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September 1, 2014

Enterprise software solutions are complex by nature . The underlying design is setup to streamline complicated business processes, industry standards, geographical requirements , policies , regulations and many other variables.

In the past, the ” real time integration” aspects of enterprise grade software allowed us to greatly eliminate the need for building in-house “highly custom software” .Although integrated enterprise software solutions allowed IT to deliver solutions to business in a more streamlined and faster fashion, it still took years to customize these solutions meet the business needs. In many cases, by the time we finished customizing these software solutions, business requirements had already changed.

SAP, being one of the largest enterprise software company, has evolved from being a core enterprise resource planning application systems (SAP ERP) to enterprise data warehouse product – SAP Business Warehouse (SAP BW), SAP Business Objects software, and most recently, SAP Mobile Platform (SMP) and SAP HANA.

Likewise, in order to keep up with the indefinite complexities of business needs, SAP products were traditionally offered across various industry and line of business solutions. The intent of these choices was to enable customers to keep up with the change and quickly deploy ready-to-run solutions with built-in best practices.

Today, however, these existing approaches of delivering traditional SAP software result in a lower bound. Today, the industry needs are changing faster than our ability to respond and organizations are finding it hard to build the internal dynamics for infrastructure and skill set readiness. The cycle time for each technology is rapidly decreasing while the number of available technology choices is significantly increasing. We are all just trying to catch up. In this time of great volatility, the traditional approaches of delivering large & complex IT projects as a stack of products will no longer work.

Simple SAP solves this challenge.

Simple SAP is about delivering interlocked solutions straight from the cloud or on premise. Simple SAP is about flexibility and agility to respond to unpredictable changes that an enterprise software is destined to face. It is about simplifying the deployment and consumption of the SAP products as “interlocked solutions” by industry and line of business as opposed to “stack of products”.


Simple SAP utilizes the strength of Cloud allowing for a mix of deployment options . This ensures that we can address the instant needs of the business straight from the cloud without having to prepare for in-house IT and infrastructure needs. Read my blog “Glancing at SAP Cloud Portfolio” to learn more.


Simple SAP utilizes the strength of a beautiful user experience with SAP Fiori and UI5 apps that decompose complex functional processes into self-service tasks. It also utilizes the strength of SAP mobility technologies enabling business user to connect processes that go beyond the enterprise and makes them available in an easy to use format on mobile as well as desktop devices.

Curious to learn more? Send me your questions at sana.salam@sodalessolutions.com .

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