What Is Consumerization of IT ?

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May 19, 2014

Consumerization of IT is redefining the future of IT. More and more companies are confronting the challenges of information boundaries, new devices, new gadgets along with the anticipated velocity of change in today’s digital marketplace.

According to IDC forecasts, 76% of companies will support BYOD (bring your own device.) by 2015. At first, these trends were not welcomed by IT due to security and support concerns. With more and more users bringing their own tools to work for conducting meetings, for sharing data, and for managing social media ; IT is also facing the challenges of BYOT (bring your own tools) and BYOI (bring your own information). With these new challenges ahead, IT leaders need to get ready to face the new tempest of “consumerization of IT” and embrace these trends to lead the business users into the new digital era.

So what does this mean for IT’s role in the new digital norm?

Peter Hinssen, legendary technology entrepreneur and visionary author provides excellent insights into the changing role of IT in today’s digital era.

Value Creation – IT solutions are no longer a debate of costs . IT solutions should be about value innovation.

Driving for Simplicity– IT projects are no longer about large & complex projects. The new role of IT is about simplicity and agility.

Think innovation not budgets– The new role of IT will is not about managing IT budgets. Rather, it is about innovation.

Embrace Design – In the old world of IT, it was all about technical coding. Today, these technical developers are needed in a different capacity. They are expected to design by understanding the behaviour of the users.

Organize in Networks – Finally, another shift that IT leaders will need to embrace is about organizing in networks with a mix of technology, innovation and designers as opposed to silo service lines of innovation, design and technology.

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