What is Case Management and Why Does Your Organization Need It

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June 15, 2022

Creating a great employee experience goes beyond simply providing a good salary and benefits to employees. Creating a truly great employee experience requires listening to your team, keeping open communication, and supporting ongoing employee development. According to a 2020 survey from LinkedIn, only 52% of employees say their company provides a positive experience. One-way employers can significantly improve their employee experience is by implementing an effective employee case management system. In today’s business environment, both employees and society expect fair and consistent resolutions from employers when challenges arise.

This includes issues with payroll, requiring time off and submitting grievances. While a safe and healthy workplace protects workers, it’s also beneficial for business as it lowers injury costs, reduces employee turnover, and increases the productivity of staff. It can also be incredibly damaging to an organizations public image if they do not maintain a safe and healthy work environment.

Part of having a safe work environment means listening to and implementing feedback from workers while maintaining open lines of communication with them. Sodales’ Case Management module can answer your employees call for clarity, and transparency throughout the entire case management process. Keep reading to discover what exactly case management is and how Sodales’ Case Management module can help your organization streamline case management workflows.

What is Case Management?

Human Resources (HR) receives a lot of requests, from managing grievances, complaints, employee onboarding and off-boarding, payroll issues, updates in policies, and everything in between. To further complicate things, these requests can come from employees, managers, and key stakeholders. Needless to say, HR often has a lot on their plate.

Traditionally, HR departments have used labor intensive and manual processes such as written requests, paper forms, emails, and spreadsheets to manage these internal requests. As we progress into a digitally advanced century, these methods have become slow, outdated and even redundant. Information may be easily misplaced, and key details can be overlooked, causing headaches for employees and employers alike. That’s where a case management solution comes in.

Case management software is an effective way to organize and manage the wide range of requests HR departments receive. From employee requests to questions, case management software efficiently automates this time consuming and tedious process. With a case management solution, employees submit requests to their HR departments and from there the solution follows an automated workflow. While most case management software is successful in streamlining the intake of employee concerns, Sodales’ solution “Sodales for Enterprise Health, Safety and Employee Relations” takes case management to the next level. Let’s look at how….


How Does Sodales’ Case Management Module Work?

Sodales’ Case Management module allows employers to organize employee complaints and questions easily and effectively, in one streamlined and integrated platform. Employee concerns can be resolved faster and more accurately than with traditional manual processes that many organizations currently have in place.

While traditional case management software only includes incident reporting and tracking, Sodales offers various pre-built modules that can be easily integrated with SAP SuccessFactors or your core HR system, for a completely integrated approach. These pre-built industry-specific process integrations enable organizations to dramatically increase their operational efficiency.

Sodales’ Case Management module also captures end-to-end data, from creation of incidents and cases, complete investigations, and even corrective actions processes and disability tracking. This allows organizations to improve collaboration across all key stakeholders, leading to improved innovation, better communication and more efficient processes.


The Employee’s View

Sodales’ Case Management module allows employees to submit cases directly to their employer, as well as letting the supervisor create and submit the case on their behalf.  These cases can be anything from leave requests to harassment complaints. The employee can submit all the required information from a convenient desktop or mobile browser and once submitted, the complaint is sent to HR or the necessary department.


Human Resource’s View

With role-based views and permissions, the Human Resources (HR) department can view all complaints currently filed under the case management portal. While in the case management portal, the HR department has access to all the employee’s relevant information at a glance, including their position, hire date, years of service and more. The HR team also has the option to make the case and its progress viewable to the employee, so the employee can have up-to-date tracking of their case.

Tasks can then be created within the case management portal and assigned to specific employees. From the case management portal, the HR team is also able to create notes. For example, HR could create a note of details from a phone call that occurred or upload a doctor’s note that’s been submitted. This creates a digital paper trail that is streamlined and organized in one convenient location, making locating and tracking relevant details easy and efficient.

Notices can also be created and sent directly from the HR case management portal. These notices can be drafted or uploaded from a template and amended and edited as necessary. The HR or employee relations team can choose who the notice needs to be sent to by entering in an employee’s number and email address.

Notes, notices, and tasks can all be sent to the relevant person or department, creating a culture of collaboration within the workplace. With industry best practices, Sodales can configure this workflow process in our case management module to fit your organizations needs.


The Benefits of Sodales’ Case Management Module

Increased Transparency

The traditional system for HR requests lacks accessibility and transparency for employees throughout the entire organization. Typically, after they submit their request, they have no idea what the status is or if it’s even been received. Sodales’ Case Management module allows employees, HR and any other necessary stakeholders to view the status of cases instantaneously. Employees will know if their case is being worked on and can rest assured it has been sent to the correct person. Sodales’ solution establishes a greater trust between employer and employee and ensures everyone’s needs are being met through increased transparency organization wide.


Increased Efficiency

With Sodales, your case management process can be easily automated so employee requests are directly routed to the correct employee and department. For example, if an employee has an issue with payroll, this case can be shared directly to someone in the payroll department. This gets important information to employees quicker and reduces unnecessary work for HR departments. Sodales’ Case Management module streamlines the workflow to avoid mistakes and increase efficiencies, which ultimately reduces wasted time and money.

Sodales’ Case Management module is part of our full health, safety and employee relations solution that offers a one-platform approach. Our platform allows organizations to connect health and safety, as well as risk and employee relations process with downstream business processes. To ensure that health and safety management as well as employee relations processes are treated as an integral part of your organization’s sustainability and performance, we enable process level integration across employees, HR leadership, operations, customer service, unions, external auditors, and regulatory bodies.


Swap out your old, outdated methods for case management and book a demo today to learn about how we can help your organization improve employee experience with Sodales for Enterprise Health, Safety and Employee Relations.

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