Webinar- Simplify SAP with SAP Fiori & UI5 apps

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July 17, 2014


Learn how SAP Fiori and UI5 apps can solve the complexity of SAP systems, improve your productivity, save cost and enable rapid user adoption.

One of the biggest challenges that business users face today is complexity. When it comes to SAP user experience — there is a great deal of complexity involved. And it is slowing us down

Addressing the needs of today’s fast paced society, SAP Fiori solves these challenges.

If you are looking to extend Fiori apps within your enterprise environment or would like to implement your own UI5 based applications, this webinar is for you.
Sodales Solutions invites you to learn about how to get started with your Fiori implementation, the pre-requisites and fit within your enterprise processes.


•What is SAP Fiori

•SAP Fiori Demonstration

•SAP Fiori Technical Architecture: Pre-requisite for a typical Fiori project

•Project Overview SAP Fiori Implementation: What does a typical project look like

•Getting Started With SAP Fiori Implementation : Customizing Fiori and building UI5 applications

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