Utility Analytical App on SAP Fiori UX to monitor your company’s performance

Industry Trends

October 20, 2016

According to a report published by PwC, Utility companies are facing a daunting task to meet customer expectations. These combined with other non-traditional challenges like cyber security threats, shift towards distributed generation and increasing number of innovative competitors, are taking center stage.

Executives are on their toes when it comes to monitoring the performance of their companies. However, getting the right data and the right time seems to be a challenge that these executives face. Having data coming from multiple systems and monitoring the level of outages and customer complaints on a real time basis is a painstaking effort for the utility companies.

Imagine, you get all this data on a real time basis to help you take that strategic decision? Wouldn’t that make your life easy?

Sodales Solutions has come up with an analytical app specifically for the utility industry, which helps the management of the companies to have a complete view on the performance of the organization at all levels.

It provides pre-built KPIs and analytical capabilities to monitor Utility industry business performance.

The app is built on SAP Fiori UX smart analytics with mobile interface for each persona who is part of the system. The dashboard is very simple and easy to use which can be seen as mentioned below

As an executive, the app will help you to:

1. Track consumption of resources across geographical regions

2. Manage revenue, costs and overall financial profitability

3. Monitor quality index

The smart analytics in the app allows user to have a further drill down on the data , from the dashboard itself, which is showcased in the image below

There are other value propositions that the app brings to the utility companies:

1. Device Agnostics and Coherant Experience

2. Configurable KPIs

3. Ready to run – connects wit h any backend system

Given that you are looking out for a solution that could help you to keep an eye on your company’s performance and give you real time updates, write to us at sana.salam@sodalessolutions.com or call us at +1.647.824.4286 to schedule a demo


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