Top Five Reasons You’ll Love “The Beautiful” SAP Fiori

User Experience

April 15, 2014

Considering SAP Fiori Implementation in your landscape? Here are the reasons you will love it.

SAP Fiori Simplifies IT: Optimization doesn’t have to disrupt status quo.

If you are passionate about simplicity, you’ll love SAP Fiori. SAP Fiori and other UI5 based applications provide simple, easy to use, disruptive experience to users without disrupting the existing IT systems. Using the power of Netweaver gateway and UI5, you can expose your backend applications to a whole new world of devices and platforms such as tablets, smart phones and laptops. Rather than investing in heavy infrastructure, you can leverage your existing IT investments— making the benefits of adopting mobility higher than the cost.

SAP Fiori Makes Things Easy: Amplifies technology adoption with Facebook-like experience.

Business users eagerly adopt products and processes that make doing their job easy. If you are passionate about technology adoption, you’ll love SAP Fiori and other UI5 based solutions. SAP Fiori is not a screen scrapped or shrunken version of your SAP screens. Fiori is developed with utter care, creativity and empathy based design principles. By providing a facebook-like user experience, a single point of entry for persona based tasks and self service intuitive UX; It exceeds the user expectations in every way. Your people will enjoy- even love the way they experience the systems. SAP Fiori does all the hard work for you so your users don’t have to. They free up their time for doing the work that matters. By making technology adoption easy, companies also cut down on change management and training costs.

SAP Fiori Is Easy On The Pocket: Convenience at its best also happens to be FREE of license cost

SAP product portfolio can be fairly expensive due to licensing model and complicated infrastructure requirements.

SAP Fiori and UI5 applications are fairly easy to customize. Additionally, they give you the freedom to prioritize the specific areas you want to improve instead of “all or nothing” approaches that come with template based solution.

SAP Fiori Is Quick To Deploy: Light weight design.

Enterprises looking for a lightweight solution to support quick-win mobile initiatives often find that other platform based solutions are daunting and can take a very long time to deploy. SAP Fiori and other UI5 applications solve this problem. Unlike those cumbersome & convoluted technology deployments that take years to complete- SAP Fiori and other UI5 applications are quick to deploy.

SAP Fiori Runs On Mobile And Laptops: Business Anytime, Anywhere with freedom of choice.

Fiori provides responsive and coherent experience across mobile as well as laptop devices. It is one of the quickest and cost effective ways of adopting enterprise mobility. Mobility eliminates geographical and location barriers resulting in higher productivity. With business transactions on your mobile -you can run your business anytime, anywhere on the device of your choice such as laptops, mobile phones and tablets etc.


Sodales Solutions can help you with your SAP Fiori Implementation. In addition, we have designed various UI5 based applications that can reduce your workload, cut down your change management cost and make your systems work smarter. So you can free up your time to REACH the goals you need to REACH.

Our team of experts, design thinking methodology, industry knowledge and experience to solve all of the challenges described above— create solutions that satisfy the change in business demands, the end-user expectation of an enhanced user experience, the necessity to leverage Big Data, and also have the ability to clearly layout what the risks and dependencies.

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