The Shift To SAP Cloud


May 27, 2014

According to IDC report, by 2015, line of business executives will be directly involved in 80% of new IT investments . In 2013, already 58%.”

Here are some additional insights on the latest cloud trends based on CIOs survey.

  • 87% of CIOs surveyed feel cloud solutions are important to their business
  • 67% using cloud applications have already adopted some hybrid tools
  • 75% of hybrid users simplified IT processes with greater speed and flexibility

In the old age of IT, we focused on large & complex projects. This prolonged development approach led to slower adoption of technology and higher complexity. The technology market place is changing at twisting speed and IT leaders have to shift their approach to deliver agile & simple solutions that can be deployed quickly. Cloud solves this challenge and it has become a crucial need for today’s digital era.

Here is what you get by adding cloud to your IT portfolio.

Faster Deployment- cloud solutions can be deployed in weeks and with the integration of Fiori/Ui5, users get mobile grade experience.

Frequent Innovation- cloud based solutions undergo multiple innovation releases per year making it easier for business to adopt innovation.

Agile deployment- cloud enables agile deployment, configuration and integration.

Enabling cloud in IT toolsets enables “instant delivery” of business needs straight from cloud while the on-premise solutions are more focused on tailor made & custom projects . Overall, adding a mix of cloud based solutions in the IT portfolio decreases the IT maintenance ,upfront CAPEX and increases the rate of technology deployment with speed of innovation.

SAP’s cloud strategy is NOT about abandoning on-premise solutions. Rather, it involves a flexible portofio of options for cloud based and on-premise solutions. So business leaders can allocate thier IT resources more effectively and divest the standard & basic applications to cloud model.

Hybrid-cloud is becoming the interim platform during our journey to the dominated future of public and private cloud based solutions.

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